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PSHE quiz illustration | Staying safe
You should NEVER play on railway tracks.

Keeping Safe - Age 7-11

There are many dangers in the world and children need to know how to keep themselves safe. This PSHE quiz, written for children in KS2, is all about protecting themsleves from accidents and other dangers.

The world can be a dangerous place. Not just in your neighbourhood, where there may be busy roads or stranger dangers, but even in your own home, where there are poisons and potential falls. Taking proper precautions should help to keep you safe whether you are having a day out to the city or walking home from school.

Knowing how to look after yourself is important - and also knowing what to do if someone else is in trouble. It's best to keep away from harmful products ~ a lot of cleaning products are harmful ~ and be very careful with knives, matches and hot surfaces.

Which of these places is safe to play?
In a local park
Near a busy road
Near a lake
Close to a railway line
You still have to be careful in the park but it is a safer environment than the other options
Which of these is NOT a poison?
Weed killer
Cough syrup
Even cough syrup can be poisonous if you take too much. However glycerine is harmless although it is very sweet so you may be sick if you have a large amount
Where should poisons be kept?
In the shed
Under the sink
Away from small children
In the garage
A lot of products come in bright colours and small children are attracted to them
What should you do if your house is on fire?
Try to put the fire out with water
Make your bed and tidy your room
Get your best toys and clothes and put them in a bag
Get out and call the fire brigade on 999
Toys and clothes can be replaced - your life can't
Which of these is NOT a precaution to prevent falls?
Use a bath mat when in the shower
Leave items on the stairs
Make sure both shoes are tied
Always use steps to reach high shelves
You (or someone else) is likely to trip over them
If a stranger talks to you what should you do?
Get in the stranger’s car
Keep your distance and run away if you feel unsafe
Go with the stranger to get some sweets
Call the police
Don't worry about hurting the stranger's feelings
If a stray dog comes running towards you what should you do?
Hit the dog
Stand still
Run away
If you keep calm the dog is less likely to attack you
When chatting to people on the Internet what should you NOT do?
If you get an email from someone you don’t know delete it
Tell a parent if someone makes you uncomfortable or scared
Meet someone without telling your parents
Keep your name, address and phone number secret
This is very important
If someone becomes very ill and there is no adult to help what should you do?
Make sure there is no danger then call 999
Give them some water
Call a friend
Watch TV
You should explain the situation carefully and ask for help
If you are shopping with a parent and you become lost what should you do?
Ask someone who works in the shop to help
Ask a stranger to help
Look for your parent
Go home
Large shops usually have a loudspeaker and they will be able to locate your parent
Author:  Amanda Swift

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