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PSHE quiz illustration | stranger danger
Never accept anything from a stranger - even sweets.

Stranger Danger - Age 5-7

Stranger Danger is something drummed into KS1 age children. It is one of the topics covered in the Health section of PSHE. In this quiz, written specifically for children in years 1 and 2, we explain to them what a stranger is and the dangers that they can pose. More importantly, we explain how to stay safe from Stranger Danger.

Most people in the world are nice. They are just like us. But, until we get to know them, they are strangers. But not everybody is nice. Some people like to hurt others. Because of that, until we know they are safe, we must treat all strangers as though they are a danger to us.

To keep ourselves safe there are some simple rules to follow. This quiz will see how well you know them.

What should you do if a stranger talks to the grown-up you are with?
Scream for help
Run and hide
Call the police
Stay with your grown-up
Sometimes a stranger to you is not a stranger to the grown-up you are with. If a stranger talks to your grown-up, stay close to them and they will let you know if it is safe to talk the person
If a stranger looks friendly, is it okay to go with them?
Only if they give you sweets
No because they are still a stranger
Yes because friendly people are safe
Only if you are not too busy
If a stranger looks friendly, it is important that you remember they are still a stranger and could be dangerous so you must still go and tell your grown-up what they said to you
If a stranger asks you to keep a secret, what should you do?
Listen to the secret and then decide
Go straight to your grown-up and tell them
Say no
Say yes
Do not talk to or listen to strangers. It is not okay for them to ask you to keep secrets and you must tell your trusted grown-up straight away
What is a stranger?
Someone we don’t know
Someone who eats lots of sweets
Someone in our family
Someone who breaks the law
A stranger is a person that we do not know
What should you do if a stranger asks you to get in their car?
Take a friend with you
Ask where they are taking you
Tell the adult you are with
Get in and put your seat belt on
If someone you do not know asks you to go somewhere with them, you must go and tell the adult that is looking after you quickly to check that they know and that it is okay. Never go anywhere with someone you don’t know without telling someone
When you go to the park with an adult where should you stay?
Wherever you want
With your grown-up
With your friends
Where your grown-up can see you
At the park it is fun to play on all the equipment and play with your friends, but it is important that you check that your grown-up can see you and that they know where you are at all times
What should you do if a stranger offers you some sweets?
Go with the stranger in case they have more sweets
Take the sweets and say thank you
Go and tell your grown-up
Take the sweets and run away
You should never take anything from a stranger unless your grown-up tells you it is okay. If your grown-up is not standing with you, you must go and tell them first. Do not take anything from the stranger
What does a stranger look like?
Someone with an angry face
Everybody else
A woman
A man
A stranger is anybody that we do not know. They can be men, women or children and look like everybody else
If a stranger knocks on your door, what should you do?
Ask your grown-up to answer it
Call the police
Ignore it
Answer it and say hello
If you hear someone at the door, tell the grown-up in the house and let them answer it
What should you do if a stranger asks you to take them somewhere?
Tell your grown-up
Ignore them
Hold their hand and take them
Give them directions
If a stranger asks you to take them somewhere, you should go and tell your grown-up. If it is safe to do so, your grown-up can tell them how to get there
Author:  Finola Waller

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