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Starting Education Quizzes was something of a leap of faith on our behalf because there had never been a website devoted to educating with quizzes and we still have no competitors. Proof of concept comes from the fact that over 1.2 million (1,205,503 to be precise) people used our website in the first half of 2018. Here is what a few of those people say about us…

“The website is simple, it’s clear, it’s easy to use so you are not wasting a lot of time navigating your way around it”. Chris Packham, TV personality

“One of the best things about Education Quizzes is that the quizzes are written by teachers and designed to fit in with the curriculum – they cover the curriculum very well.” Dr. Sheri Smith, GCSE English teacher

“The quizzes are sweetened with some memory hooks that makes learning a much more pleasurable process.” Ian Miles, Religious Education Teacher

“I would like to say thank you for providing such a fantastic website. Myself and my partner are both maths teachers and use it on a daily basis with hundreds of our students.” Peter Walker, Maths Teacher

“The fact that the quizzes are written by real teachers means that they complement the curriculum which makes my job so much easier.” Finola Waller, Primary School Teacher

“There is so much variety, all subjects in one place, all levels in one place and all written and approved by teaching professionals.” Michelle Pannell, Parent

“Education Quizzes appears to be the Holy Grail for parents like me who wish to monitor their children’s development.” Phil Palmer, Parent

“I love it and find it great for me as a parent to not only see where they are at but also to know how to help them.” Mary Smith, Parent

“I find my boys are more willing to do any of their homework that involves using a laptop or tablet.” Stephanie Couch, Parent

“I was one of the only students who passed without a tutor so when I heard that I passed the test I nearly cried with happiness :-). The quizzes all helped me with my 11-plus and I passed both tests, not 1 but 2. These quizzes made me have fun with learning.” Theo, Student

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