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What Teachers Say About Quizzes

With so many different online resources available to teachers we know that quizzes need to fight for your attention so we thought it might be useful to share with you a few insightful comments from other teachers and academics…

“In addition to coming to class, students may pay closer attention to the material when they are expecting to be quizzed. Research has shown that when students expect a test, they perform better on the test. Furthermore, frequent quizzing leads students to expect to be quizzed, leading to better performance overall.” Dr Megan Smith writing for TES

“Quizzes also increased student participation, lowered failure rates, improved exam scores, resulted in better overall course grades, and did not lower course evaluations.” Maryellen Weimer, PhD writing in Faculty Focus

“Students benefit greatly from being able to take online practice quizzes. These quizzes focus on the critical lower-level thinking learning for the students. The students can practise these activities on online quizzes, therefore, freeing up class time for higher-level thinking activities.” Harry G. Tuttle writing in Education with Technology

“Quick quizzes throughout the day can help teachers assess the effectiveness of their instruction, as well as student understanding of the concepts taught.” Sandra Romo writing in Education World

“The integration of quizzes with other instructional activities in a teaching strategy has been very favourable. Students highly appreciated the role of the quizzes that, with moderate effort, helped keep students up with the subject, strengthened their involvement in other activities, and had a very positive impact on academic outcomes.” Published results of 5 years' testing as reported in the Journal of Technology and Science Education

“This form of testing drives students' motivation and engagement. Once your students see the positive results while learning, they understand that everything is not in vain; so, achievements through quizzes inspire youngsters to keep on studying.” Tania Leal, PhD

“The power of quizzing students extends far beyond simply measuring a learner’s knowledge state at a given moment in time. Quizzing, it turns out, provides a robust learning effect in and of itself.” Henry L. Roediger and Andrew C. Butler (Memory researchers)

If you Google “Quizzes in Education” you will find a plethora of authoritative articles on the use of quizzes but, as far as I can see, none of these cite a single negative effect of using quizzes. If you are wanting to incorporate more quizzes into your teaching then we hope you will see the advantage of using Education Quizzes where everything is under one roof.

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