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This section of the website provides a free suite of tutorials to help parents and teachers prepare children for the 11-Plus test.

Command of English is a prime requirement for the 11-Plus. Some regions have a specific paper for English but even if you are not in one of these areas, good English will be a great help when it comes to Verbal Reasoning questions.

Our specialist 11-Plus teacher has broken down the requirements into easily understandable segments such as antonyms, commas, clauses and prefixes. Each individual segment provides guidelines for success along with examples of what might be expected in the test papers.

Children who have a good grounding in English will be well equipped to deal with the key subject of English when they reach secondary school, irrespective of whether or not they pass their Eleven Plus.

Discover all there is to know about the exam by taking a few minutes to read Eleven Plus in Detail.

Quiz Title Options
English - Synonyms Read
English - Antonyms Read
English - Parts of Speech Read
English - Collective Nouns and Cloze Spelling Read
English - Cloze Sentences and Similes Read
English - Concord (1) Read
English - Concord (2) Read
English - Concord (3) Read
English - Concord (4) Read
English - Tenses Read
English - The Subjunctive and Learning the Difference Between Who and Whom Read
English - Odd One Out and Jumbled Sentences Read
English - Commas Read
English - Capital Letters Read
English - Apostrophes (1) Read
English - Apostrophes (2) Read
English - Clauses Read
English - Conjunctions and Connectives Read
English - Identifying Figures of Speech and Homophones Read
English - Idioms and Roots of Words Read
English - Prefixes, Suffixes and Extending Vocabulary Read
English - Punctuation Marks to End Sentences and Pronouns Read
English - Swapped Words and Types of Nouns Read

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