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11 Plus English

What's on Offer?

There are 70 interactive English quizzes in this section of our website that provide excellent exam practice and preparation for the 11 Plus. The quizzes are listed below and each one has a descriptive title explaining what to expect.

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For parents who want to stay engaged with their child's preparation, we have a Free 11 Plus Course. It only takes a couple of minutes each day and it really can be very entertaining.

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English 11-Plus Subjects

These quizzes will help you learn about the subjects you will need in the 11 Plus exam. There are very many English skills to consider including English grammar, comprehension, punctation, adjectives, adverbs, alliteration, antonyms and apostrophes. The quizzes will provide exam preparation in all of these, and remember that practice makes perfect!

For parents wanting to learn more about the 11 Plus we recommend that you visit the articles in our Knowledge Bank for all the information you will ever need.

Quiz Title Options
Adjectives Adjectives Play
Adjectives 2 Adjectives 2 Play
Adverbs Adverbs Play
Adverbs 2 Adverbs 2 Play
Alliteration Alliteration Play
Alphabetising Alphabetising Play
Antonyms Antonyms Play
Apostrophes to Mark Omission Apostrophes to Mark Omission Play
Apostrophes to Mark Possession Apostrophes to Mark Possession Play
Asking Questions Asking Questions Play
Capital Letters Capital Letters Play
Capital Letters 2 Capital Letters 2 Play
Clauses and Phrases Clauses and Phrases Play
Commas Commas Play
Commas 2 Commas 2 Play
Complex Sentences Complex Sentences Play
Compound Words Compound Words Play
Comprehension Comprehension Play
Comprehension 2 Comprehension 2 Play
Comprehension 3 Comprehension 3 Play
Connectives / Conjunctions Connectives / Conjunctions Play
Connectives / Conjunctions 2 Connectives / Conjunctions 2 Play
Direct Speech Direct Speech Play
Fact and Opinion Fact and Opinion Play
First, Second and Third Person First, Second and Third Person Play
Improving Vocabulary Improving Vocabulary Play
Improving Vocabulary 2 Improving Vocabulary 2 Play
Improving Vocabulary 3 Improving Vocabulary 3 Play
Indirect Speech Indirect Speech Play
Metaphors Metaphors Play
Negatives Negatives Play
Nouns Nouns Play
Nouns 2 Nouns 2 Play
Onomatopoeia Onomatopoeia Play
Paragraphing Paragraphing Play
Prefixes Prefixes Play
Prepositions Prepositions Play
Pronouns Pronouns Play
Punctuation Punctuation Play
Rhyme Rhyme Play
Sentence Openers Sentence Openers Play
Similes Similes Play
Spelling:  -igh Spelling: -igh Play
Spelling:  -le Spelling: -le Play
Spelling:  -or-, -oor-, and -ore- Spelling: -or-, -oor-, and -ore- Play
Spelling:  -ough Spelling: -ough Play
Spelling:  Double Consonants Spelling: Double Consonants Play
Spelling:  Graphemes Spelling: Graphemes Play
Spelling:  ie or ei? Spelling: ie or ei? Play
Spelling:  Phonemes Spelling: Phonemes Play
Spelling:  Plurals Spelling: Plurals Play
Spelling:  Plurals 2 Spelling: Plurals 2 Play
Spelling:  Unstressed Vowels Spelling: Unstressed Vowels Play
Spelling:  Unstressed Vowels 2 Spelling: Unstressed Vowels 2 Play
Spelling:  w and wh Spelling: w and wh Play
Spelling:  y and i Spelling: y and i Play
Standard English Standard English Play
Statement, Question or Command? Statement, Question or Command? Play
Subject / Verb Agreement Subject / Verb Agreement Play
Suffixes Suffixes Play
Syllables Syllables Play
Synonyms Synonyms Play
Text Features Text Features Play
Their, They're and There Their, They're and There Play
Verbs Verbs Play
Verbs 2 Verbs 2 Play
Writing Explanations Writing Explanations Play
Writing Instructions Writing Instructions Play
Writing Letters Writing Letters Play
Writing Narrative Writing Narrative Play
Writing Persuasively Writing Persuasively Play
Writing Playscripts Writing Playscripts Play
Writing Recounts Writing Recounts Play
Writing Reports Writing Reports Play
Your and You're Your and You're Play

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