Improving Vocabulary 3
Buzz through this quiz to find out what bombilate means!

Improving Vocabulary 3

In this third 11-plus English quiz on 'Improving Vocabulary', you are going to have a bit of fun. How many unusual 'b-words' do you know the meaning of? The more words you have in your armoury, the better equipped you are to write an interesting story, or keep your listeners listening as you speak!

Have you noticed that when you learn a new word, you tend to see it everywhere? A new word will only 'stick' in your mind if you use it so try and add it either in your writing or speech occasionally - otherwise you will most likely forget it.

Have a go at this quiz to brush up your language skills. Don't worry if you are not familiar with many of the words - this is one of our trickier quizzes!

Select the correct meaning of the given word.
Bric-a-brac (noun)
It's a nonsense word and it doesn't mean anything
It's slang for 'bring her back'
Small, ornamental objects that are of great monetary value and interest
Small, ornamental objects that are of little monetary value but of great interest or sentimental value
All that junk that we collect in our bedrooms!
Select the correct meaning of the given word.
Bugbear (noun)
A species of bear
A species of insect
A source of obsessive or unfounded fear
A source of real fear
It also means 'a continuing source of irritation or difficulty'
Select the correct meaning of the given word.
Behemoth (noun)
Something that is very big or powerful
A species of moth
A Scottish word meaning 'To your health'
Something that is very small or weak
It's actually a huge beast: possibly a hippo (Bible: Job 40:15)
Select the correct meaning of the given word.
Bugaboo (noun)
A noise made by a baby
A noise made to scare someone
Something that causes laughter and merriment
Something that causes fear, trouble or annoyance
This is especially so when it's an imagined threat or problem
Select the correct meaning of the given word.
Baedeker (noun)
A type of non-stick coating used in pots and pans
A type of German hand pistol
A guidebook for travellers
A special ladder for climbing on roofs
In honour of Verlag Karl Baedeker: the well-known German-based publisher of worldwide travel guides
Select the correct meaning of the given word.
Brickbat (noun)
A cricket bat made out of brick
A broken part of something hard which is used for throwing at someone or something
A species of bat
A special building made for housing bats
It also means 'harshly, unfavourable criticism'
Select the correct meaning of the given word.
Bombilate (verb)
To continuously bomb someone or something
To seriously hesitate
To make a bombing noise
To make a humming or buzzing noise
This verb can aslo be written as 'bombinate'. It is a regular verb: 'bombinate-bombinated-bombinated'
Select the correct meaning of the given word.
Brazen (adjective)
Showing or expressing boldness and an absolute lack of shame
A nicely braised piece of steak
A method of cooking meat
Showing stupidity and ignorance
It also means 'harsh sounding'
Select the correct meaning of the given word.
Baleful (adjective)
A large mound of straw
Something causing or threatening to cause harm
Something causing laughter
Expressing annoyance
It also means 'threatening, or seeming to threaten, harm or bad luck'. For example, 'a baleful stare'
Select the correct meaning of the given word.
Boondock (noun)
A remote, rural area usually covered with a dense undergrowth of small trees and bushes
A special part of the dock where ships unload or load
A village
A species of duck
This is a Filipino word meaning 'mountain'. It was used by American soldiers when talking about action in the rural areas of Vietnam, and the word is extensively used by soldiers when on active duty in rural areas
Author:  Frank Evans

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