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Writing Letters
Do you know what RSVP means? Find out by playing this quiz.

Writing Letters

Formal letter writing is when writing seriously to businesses or companies. Letter writing is still an important skill even though we all send emails nowadays.

This little quiz will test you mainly to see what you know about formal letter writing; however, some of the stuff also applies to informal letter writing. Informal letter writing is used for writing to friends and relatives.

Because formal letters are less common than ever, you might think it's not worth playing this quiz or learning how to write formally. You will regret this when it comes to applying for jobs - most large reputable companies still choose interviewees based not only on a CV, but also the formal letter attached with it.

You won't need to buy any stamps to do this 11-plus English quiz. Have fun!

What is the name given to the person to whom a letter is addressed?
The addresser
The recipient
The addressee
The addressor
Now you won't get embarrassed at the post office anymore
In letter writing, what is a 'salutation'?
The opening greeting
The closing greeting
An expression of complaint
An expression of gratitude
For example: Dear Mr. Smith,
In letter writing, what is a 'subscription'?
A membership fee
A request to subscribe to something
The closing greeting
An expression of ingratitude
For example: Yours sincerely, AND Yours faithfully,
What does the abbreviation 'ASAP' mean?
As soon as possible
As soon as promising
As soon as probable
As soon as paid
Learn this stuff asap!
What does the abbreviation 'RSVP' mean?
Please don't reply
Please reply
You may reply by free post
Please use the return envelope
RSVP stands for a French phrase, 'répondez, s'il vous plaît': which means 'please reply'. The person sending you the invitation requires you to tell them whether you wish to accept or decline the invitation to an event, e.g. a wedding. Etiquette demands that you reply!
What does the abbreviation 'PS' mean?
Post it safely
Postage stamp(s)
Post sack
Post script
When you've finished and signed your letter, you might have forgotten to say something: write PS under your signature and then write what you had forgotten to put in the main letter
What does the abbreviation 'enc.' mean?
Entertaining content
Encrypted letter
If you intend to include other papers with your letter, you can write 'enc.' followed by a list of the papers enclosed
What salutation would you use to greet Mrs. Mary Jones?
Dear Mary Jones,
Dear Madam Jones,
Dear Mrs. Jones,
Dear Mrs. Mary Jones,
If you know the person's surname, use it without the first name. If you didn't know the person's name you would write 'Dear Sir' or 'Dear Madam'
What subscription would you use to end your letter to Mrs. Mary Jones?
Yours Sincerely,
Yours sincerely,
Yours faithfully,
Yours Faithfully,
This would be followed directly underneath by your signature, and underneath that: your name enclosed in brackets. DON'T spell 'sincerely' wrongly! If you didn't know the person's name, you would write 'Yours faithfully'
What is a 'covering letter'?
A decorated design attached to the main letter to make it look more attractive
A letter that covers business matters
A paper cover that hides the contents of the main letter
An accompanying explanatory letter
It's a letter providing additional information that is sent with another document or item of post
Author:  Frank Evans

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