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11+ Word Connections Illustration | Map
How are 'map' and 'page' related?

VR - Word Connections (2)

In the previous article we were introduced to Word Connections. As you will remember, these are questions found in the 11+ Verbal Reasoning exam in which children have to find the relationship between two words which will result in a logical sentence being formed.

The words could be linked in a variety of ways, which we have already examined. Often the later questions in the test paper rely on depth of vocabulary and are based on synonyms. This is impossible to prepare for except by encouraging your child to read as much as possible and never shirk from looking up words in a dictionary!

Okay then, lets continue with another example.

Example Question One

Find the words which complete the sentence in the most sensible way. Choose one word from the first group and one word from the second group.

Page is to
(story leaf book)
as map is to
(atlas directions paper)

Analysing the question as we’ve been doing before gives us the following:

’Page’ is something that may make up a book which contains a ‘story’
is a word which could mean the same as ‘leaf’
is a constituent part of a ‘book’.

‘Map’ is a constituent part of an ‘atlas’
is something which can show you ‘directions’ to a place
is something that may be printed on ‘paper’.

Obviously the answers must be ‘book’ and ‘atlas’, as a ‘page’ is a part of a ‘book’ and a ‘map’ is a part of an ‘atlas’.

We went over these in the previous article but, just to reiterate, this table shows the things to watch out for with regard to these questions:

Synonyms Words which mean the same thing.
Antonyms Words which mean the opposite of the given words.
Places You could find people or objects in, or working in, the given places. For example, ‘pilot’ works in ‘aeroplane’.
Made of/consists of The second word is what the first word is made of or vice-versa. For example ‘wine’ is made of ‘grapes’ or ‘greenhouse’ is made of ‘glass’
‘Has...’ For example a ‘plant‘ has ‘leaves’ and a ‘story’ has ‘words’.
‘Is part of...’ The opposite of the above. ‘Engine’ is part of a ‘car’, for instance; be aware that these often go into more detail and require you to look for something that has a specific role in the larger object. For example, ‘engine’ is the part of the car which powers it.
Tense For example ‘see’ is the present tense of ‘saw’.
In or on For example a ‘bulb’ goes in a ‘lamp’ or ‘hat’ goes on a ‘head’.
Is an example of a... For example, ‘green’ is an example of a ‘colour’ and ‘three’ is an example of a ‘number’.
Degree For example ‘hurricane’ is a very powerful version of ‘breeze’.
Young and old For example a ‘calf’ is a young ‘cow’.
‘Is carried out... ’ For example ‘action’ is carried out by ‘body’ or ‘sleep’ is carried out in a ‘bed’.
‘Do to...’ For example ‘watch’ is something you do to ‘television’.

You might also like to try your child with these recent words I’ve seen in actual tests, to give you an idea of the vocabulary level required for highest marks:

Comrade Foe Frequency Confront Robust
Competent Invigorate Harmony Proceed Destiny

Sample Tests

Now you’ve read both of our articles on Word Connections, you now understand the kinds of relationships examiners are looking for. As always, the best way to ready your child for the exams is to expose them to as many questions as you can.

There are four quizzes on the Education Quizzes site devoted specifically to Word Connections. Get your child to play them and, if they struggle, teach them to use the techniques we’ve shown you here.

Word Connections 1

Word Connections 2

Word Connections 3

Word Connections 4

Good luck!

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