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Handling Data 3 (Easy)

This is the third quiz in our Easy series of Eleven Plus maths quizzes on Handling Data. As you will know if you have played the previous quizzes, data handling is all about collecting information (with surveys, questionnaires, tallies and so on), then organising it so that you can represent your finding in the form of a chart or graph.

You will come across data handling in many real-life situations. Whenever you see a chart or a graph, you know that somebody has collected some data and then represented it in a way that makes the results easier to grasp.

The questions in this quiz shouldn’t be too taxing – just make sure that you read them all thoroughly before you choose your answers. There are traps waiting for anybody who clicks an answer without fully understanding the question: make sure you don’t fall into them! Good luck.

Henry has been counting sheep using tally marks. He has 5 sets of tally marks plus 3 marks in a sixth set. How many sheep has Henry counted?
Remember this fact: Here are the tally marks: l l l l, the fifth tally mark is written diagonally across the four shown here: slanting upwards from left to right. Each set of tally marks is worth 5 so, (5 x 5) + 3 = 28
What is meant by the phrase ‘collecting data'?
Making a graph or chart
Gathering information
Organising information
Conducting a survey
Before data (information) can be interpreted as a graph or chart, first you have to collect it! Conducting a survey is one method of collecting information, but there are many others
108 people were asked whether they were vegetarians. 18 said yes. What fraction of a pie chart would be taken up by non-vegetarians?
18 = 1?6 of 108: 108 ÷ 18 = 6
This season, Wonder Wanderers scored 115 goals. Using a pictogram, if 1 football represents 10 goals, how many footballs would you use to show this information?
115 ÷ 10 = 11.5. You have to divide 115 by 10 because you want to find out how many 'lots' of 10 there are in 115: each 'lot' equals 10 footballs: this is the same as adding 'lots' of 10 to itself until you get to 115
In a pictogram showing the favourite type of film children in a class have, 1 laughing face = 6 people who like comedies. If there are 112 laughing faces on the pictogram, how many children in the class like comedies?
11?2 x 6 = 1.5 x 6 = 9
In a poll of 250 people, 40 said that they preferred winter to summer. How would this information be shown on a pie chart?
16 prefer winter; 56 prefer summer
425 prefer winter; 2125 prefer summer
15 prefer winter; 45 prefer summer
112 prefer winter; 1112 prefer summer
40 is four twenty-fifths of 250, so 4?25 would be used by those who prefer winter. The remaining 21?25 would be used by those who prefer summer
What is the best way to represent a poll, in which 25% of people like kippers for breakfast, 15% prefer porridge, and 60% like cereal?
Bar chart
Pie chart
Any of the above
Bar charts, pie charts or pictograms are all equally valid ways to show the information
Using a bar chart, Emily carefully recorded the number of different types of bird she could see at a nature reserve. The largest bar was for sparrows, and the smallest was for blackbirds. What does this tell us?
Emily saw more sparrows and fewer blackbirds than any other type of bird
Emily saw no blackbirds
Emily saw more sparrows than any other type of bird
Emily saw only sparrows
Emily saw more sparrows than any other type of bird, however, she did have a bar for blackbirds so must have seen some of them
19 people were asked what was their favourite meal. Nobody picked risotto. What fraction of a pie chart would be taken up by those whose favourite meal was not risotto?
None of it
All of it
Half of it
Not enough information to answer
If nobody chose risotto, then it would have no place on the pie chart – all of the chart would therefore be taken by the other choices
What sort of graph or chart is divided into segments?
A bar chart
A pictogram
A pie chart
A line graph
In a pie chart, the ‘slices’ of pie are called segments or sectors
Author:  Frank Evans

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