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Did you know that Education Quizzes also does an online 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning course? With schools not teaching this vital subject, it’s a great way to improve your child’s chances in the exam without having to hire an expensive tutor.

For most parents the 11-Plus, Non-Verbal Reasoning is the stuff of nightmares! The main problem is that children will not have been taught the subject in class time at primary school and it is highly likely that parents have never been taught it either.

Non-Verbal Reasoning tests for the Eleven Plus are akin to intelligent tests and some of the questions presented to the 10-year-olds would be a challenge even to Mensa members.

This type of test is meant to help determine the innate ability of children and thereby assess their suitability for secondary education at a fast pace. The tests are designed to be tutor-proof - a somewhat clumsy term often used in the world of education to imply that it is difficult to prepare children for the type of question they will be faced with.

Our expertly-written quizzes have been compiled by a teacher with vast experience in this arena and they demonstrate the type and scope of questions that are likely to be asked. At the very least, the quizzes will ensure that children become familiar with this type of question and that their first encounter with them does not take place in the pressured atmosphere of an exam.

Not sure what the 11+ exam involves? Discover in our The 11-Plus Explained blog.

Quiz Title Options
Analogies 1 Analogies 1 Play
Analogies 2 Analogies 2 Play
Analogies 3 Analogies 3 Play
Analogies 4 Analogies 4 Play
Analogies 5 Analogies 5 Play
Analogies 6 Analogies 6 Play
Analogies 7 Analogies 7 Play
Analogies 8 Analogies 8 Play
Code Breaker 1 Code Breaker 1 Play
Code Breaker 2 Code Breaker 2 Play
Code Breaker 3 Code Breaker 3 Play
Code Breaker 4 Code Breaker 4 Play
Code Breaker 5 Code Breaker 5 Play
Code Breaker 6 Code Breaker 6 Play
Code Breaker 7 Code Breaker 7 Play
Complete the Series 1 Complete the Series 1 Play
Complete the Series 2 Complete the Series 2 Play
Complete the Series 3 Complete the Series 3 Play
Complete the Series 4 Complete the Series 4 Play
Complete the Series 5 Complete the Series 5 Play
Complete the Series 6 Complete the Series 6 Play
Complete the Series 7 Complete the Series 7 Play
Matrices 1 Matrices 1 Play
Matrices 2 Matrices 2 Play
Matrices 3 Matrices 3 Play
Matrices 4 Matrices 4 Play
Matrices 5 Matrices 5 Play
Matrices 6 Matrices 6 Play
Matrices 7 Matrices 7 Play
Matrices Illustration | Sudoku Matrices 8 Play
Odd One Out 1 Odd One Out 1 Play
Odd One Out 2 Odd One Out 2 Play
Odd One Out 3 Odd One Out 3 Play
Odd One Out 4 Odd One Out 4 Play
Odd One Out 5 Odd One Out 5 Play
Odd One Out 6 Odd One Out 6 Play
Odd One Out 7 Odd One Out 7 Play
Shapes and Letters 1 Shapes and Letters 1 Play
Shapes and Letters 2 Shapes and Letters 2 Play
Shapes and Letters 3 Shapes and Letters 3 Play
Shapes and Letters 4 Shapes and Letters 4 Play
Shapes and Letters 5 Shapes and Letters 5 Play
Shapes and Letters 6 Shapes and Letters 6 Play
Shapes and Letters 7 Shapes and Letters 7 Play
Similar Shapes 1 Similar Shapes 1 Play
Similar Shapes 2 Similar Shapes 2 Play
Similar Shapes 3 Similar Shapes 3 Play
Similar Shapes 4 Similar Shapes 4 Play
Similar Shapes 5 Similar Shapes 5 Play
Similar Shapes 6 Similar Shapes 6 Play
Similar Shapes 7 Similar Shapes 7 Play

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