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11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning

What's on Offer?

There are 50 interactive Non-verbal Reasoning quizzes in this section of our website that provide excellent exam practice and preparation for the 11 Plus. The quizzes are listed below and each one has a descriptive title explaining what to expect.

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For parents who want to stay engaged with their child's preparation, we have a Free 11 Plus Course. It only takes a couple of minutes each day and it really can be very entertaining.

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Non Verbal Reasoning 11-Plus Subjects

These quizzes will help you learn about the subjects you will need in the 11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning exam (incidentally, please be aware that this is often referred to as 11 Plus NVR). Subjects like Analogies, Code Breaker, Complete the Series, Matrices, Odd One Out, Shapes and Letters and Similar Shapes will become much easier to understand.

For parents wanting to learn more about the 11 Plus we recommend that you visit the articles in our Knowledge Bank for all the information you will ever need.

Quiz Title Options
Analogies 1 Analogies 1 Play
Analogies 2 Analogies 2 Play
Analogies 3 Analogies 3 Play
Analogies 4 Analogies 4 Play
Analogies 5 Analogies 5 Play
Analogies 6 Analogies 6 Play
Analogies 7 Analogies 7 Play
Analogies 8 Analogies 8 Play
Code Breaker 1 Code Breaker 1 Play
Code Breaker 2 Code Breaker 2 Play
Code Breaker 3 Code Breaker 3 Play
Code Breaker 4 Code Breaker 4 Play
Code Breaker 5 Code Breaker 5 Play
Code Breaker 6 Code Breaker 6 Play
Code Breaker 7 Code Breaker 7 Play
Complete the Series 1 Complete the Series 1 Play
Complete the Series 2 Complete the Series 2 Play
Complete the Series 3 Complete the Series 3 Play
Complete the Series 4 Complete the Series 4 Play
Complete the Series 5 Complete the Series 5 Play
Complete the Series 6 Complete the Series 6 Play
Complete the Series 7 Complete the Series 7 Play
Matrices 1 Matrices 1 Play
Matrices 2 Matrices 2 Play
Matrices 3 Matrices 3 Play
Matrices 4 Matrices 4 Play
Matrices 5 Matrices 5 Play
Matrices 6 Matrices 6 Play
Matrices 7 Matrices 7 Play
Matrices Illustration | Sudoku Matrices 8 Play
Odd One Out 1 Odd One Out 1 Play
Odd One Out 2 Odd One Out 2 Play
Odd One Out 3 Odd One Out 3 Play
Odd One Out 4 Odd One Out 4 Play
Odd One Out 5 Odd One Out 5 Play
Odd One Out 6 Odd One Out 6 Play
Odd One Out 7 Odd One Out 7 Play
Shapes and Letters 1 Shapes and Letters 1 Play
Shapes and Letters 2 Shapes and Letters 2 Play
Shapes and Letters 3 Shapes and Letters 3 Play
Shapes and Letters 4 Shapes and Letters 4 Play
Shapes and Letters 5 Shapes and Letters 5 Play
Shapes and Letters 6 Shapes and Letters 6 Play
Shapes and Letters 7 Shapes and Letters 7 Play
Similar Shapes 1 Similar Shapes 1 Play
Similar Shapes 2 Similar Shapes 2 Play
Similar Shapes 3 Similar Shapes 3 Play
Similar Shapes 4 Similar Shapes 4 Play
Similar Shapes 5 Similar Shapes 5 Play
Similar Shapes 6 Similar Shapes 6 Play
Similar Shapes 7 Similar Shapes 7 Play

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