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Free Time Fun - Hobby Words and Terms
Which sports do you like?

Free Time Fun - Hobby Words and Terms

Quiz playing is a wonderful way to increase your knowledge of English as a Second Language. Remember that all of our ESL quizzes have titles that are both friendly and technical at the same time… In the case of this quiz you might like to tell your friends about the “Free Time Fun Quiz” but no doubt your teachers will talk about “Hobby and Pastime Words and Terms”. If you hear a technical term and you want to find a quiz about the subject then just look through the list of quiz titles until you find what you need.

What hobbies, or pastimes, do you enjoy for your 'free time fun'? We're sure you will want to talk about your enthusiasms and share them with other people who speak English but how prepared are you to make conversation about your hobby? Do you know the correct words and terms to use? Let's see!

Jacky's favourite hobby takes place in a group, where they usually do one big project two or three times a year. Each time, they spend several weeks preparing. She has to pretend to be a different person, in a story that the group is telling: she has to remember where to go and what to say, and usually she needs to wear special clothes. People come and pay to watch them tell the story together.
What is her hobby?
Acting / amateur dramatics (theatre)
Ballet dancing
Going to watch musicals
The question didn't mention any cameras, so Answer 2 is probably wrong.
In ballet (Answer 3) they would need music ~ which wasn't mentioned ~ and there would not be any speaking involved, so she wouldn't need to learn what to say. ('Learning your lines', they call it, when you have to remember the dialogue from the script.)
They may well go to watch musicals (Answer 4) as well, but Jacky is an active performer: she doesn't just watch other people on stage.
For some sports, and many hobbies, you need a table.
Which of these activities does NOT require a table?
Ice skating
Card games (e.g. poker)
A table is important for all the others ... but it's not very useful if you are skating!
Rita plays a small musical instrument that is made of light-yellow metal, and can give a loud, bright sound when she blows into it. People have used instruments like this for many centuries ~ in armies for instance, when they needed to send a clear signal 'far and wide' in the times before we had radio; and to draw people's attention when something important was happening (like a mail-coach coming into a town, or a king or queen going into a building). In fact, Rita usually plays her instrument quietly, indoors, in a jazz group.
What instrument does she play?
None of the others is a wind instrument (and we were told that she blows into it) ~ except perhaps the accordion ... but it's hard to imagine military signals or fanfares played on an accordion!
Percy has a special shed in his garden, where he keeps his birds. These are very clever birds: even when they are taken a long distance away, they manage to find their own way home quickly to Percy's garden. Some of them have won national competitions for doing this.
What is Percy's hobby?
Chicken farming
Owl competitions
Pigeons are able to find, or remember, their way home even from a faraway unfamiliar place. For centuries people have used this skill of the birds to bring messages from one place to another, even during wartime.
Chickens (Answer 1) have other advantages for us (e.g. they lay lots of good eggs) but they can't navigate as well as pigeons do.
'Swan-upping' (Answer 3) is a ceremony each year when the British monarch sends a special man in a boat, all the way up the River Thames from London to the town of Abingdon, a distance of well over 100km. During his journey, he checks all the swans that he finds ~ big, usually white river-birds ~ to make sure they are healthy, and he marks them with a ring around their leg. According to tradition, all the swans on the Thames belong to the monarch!
During his free time, Robert likes to go down by the river, or sometimes to a lake. He sits by the water for hour after hour; he never goes into the water (or if he does, he keeps his clothes on and doesn't go right out where the water is deep). Lots of British people share this hobby. What is he doing?
The question says that he rarely, if ever, goes into the water: so Answers 1 & 2 are wrong.
There is no mention of a boat, so Answer 4 is probably also wrong.
Apparently, fishing is one of the most popular spare-time activities in Britain.
What is the name of one (perfectly good) sport ~ but this very same thing would stop the game in another sport, and a penalty would be given against you if you did it there?
During a game of football, a 'handball' is an offence against the rules (unless you are the goalkeeper, of course).
If you hit the ball onto the net in tennis, that doesn't stop the game, so Answer 1 ~ though tempting ~ is wrong.
The other two answers are no good ... although if we had offered you 'Diving', that, too, is considered a bad thing in football.
The answer to this question is the name of a very special hobby.
You can only do this hobby at night, when it is dark. To do it properly, you need a telescope.
What is the hobby?
We suppose that someone might go bird-watching ~ Answer 4 ~ at night (to watch night-birds such as owls), but most people would take a pair of binoculars rather than a telescope. Likewise, some people might enjoy watching trains at night ~ Answer 1 ~ but a telescope is unlikely to help them much with that.
Be careful of the difference between Astronomy (Answer 2: correct), which is the study of the stars and planets ... and Astrology (Answer 3: wrong) which is where they tell you what sign of the Zodiac you are (e.g. a bull or a pair of fish) and tell you about your personality and behaviour.
For my favourite hobby, I need: music, a room with a big flat floor, one other person to do the hobby with ~ and if we are taking part in a big event (not just practising), we have a special set of clothes and shoes.
What is our hobby?
Ballroom dancing
Look again at the list of things they need, and you will find this is the most sensible answer.
For instance, you don't need music for Karate, and you don't need a large flat floor for Origami (unless you are folding something unusually big!). If you are going swimming, surely you need water ... which hasn't been mentioned at all!
This hobby is a ball game, but the ball isn't even round-shaped. Two teams, each of fifteen players, play on a pitch that has goal-posts at each end in the shape of a letter H. People play this game for most of the year in clubs and schools, except in summer when the ground is often too hard for it to be safe; and there are international matches on television. What is the game?
The H-shaped goal is probably the most obvious sign of a Rugby pitch.
The game was invented at a private school in the town of Rugby, in the British Midlands, during the 19th century. Its proper title is 'Rugby football', as distinct from 'Association football' ('soccer'). In Rugby, any player can touch the ball with his hands as well as his feet; in Soccer, only the goalkeeper is allowed to do that.
My friend spends a lot of his spare time making (and decorating) very small copies of old ships, planes and trucks.
His hobby is probably best described as...
Military history
The question doesn't actually suggest that he ever plays with the models, so Answer 4 is probably wrong; and there are better ways to learn Military History (Answer 2) than by making models ~ though it may be helpful and interesting. An engineer (Answer 1) would probably prefer to make larger, working models of such machines as tractors, cranes and swing-bridges.
Author:  Ian Miles

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