At The Zoo - Animal Words and Terms
Tigers are carnivores.

At The Zoo - Animal Words and Terms

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At the Zoo... you would be able to see a wide and wonderful selection of animals, from the alligator to the zebra. We don't expect you to know all of the words and terms yet, but see how you get on with these animal words and terms!

In terms of DNA analysis, which of these creatures is the closest 'relative' to human beings?
The dolphin
The pig
The chimpanzee
The gorilla
It depends a bit on whose research you read, but Chimpanzees have about 96% of the same genes as we do.
Notice that we say 'the chimpanzee, the lion ... ' etc. when we are talking about a species.
Each of the following creatures is a Carnivore (that is, it survives by eating the meat of other creatures 'beneath it on the food chain') ... apart from one.
Which of these is the Herbivore ( = a creature that only eats vegetable matter ) ?
An eagle
A tiger
A yak
A python
The yak lives by eating grasses; can you imagine one running and hunting? We thought not!
Pick the answer which best completes the gap/s in clear, accurate English.
Let's start at the back of the alphabet : a Zebra is, basically, quite similar to a horse, but the most obvious difference is that its coat is ... ...
... spotted.
... striped.
... brown.
... golden.
A zebra's coat is striped; a leopard's coat is spotted.
This is the biggest land mammal: it has helped humans with heavy work in Africa and India. If it goes wild it can be spectacularly dangerous, but usually it is a slow and peaceful animal, with a strong family instinct. Apart from its huge size, you would recognise its head at once by the two tusks, long trunk and enormous ears.
What animal is this?
An elephant
A rhinoceros
A hippopotamus
A moose
Have you heard the song "Nelly the elephant"?
Pick the answer which best completes the gap/s in clear, accurate English.
On 'the far side of the world' from the UK, the ... ... is the national animal of Australia, and the ... ... is the national bird of New Zealand.
... kiwi ... / ... kangaroo ...
... kangaroo ... / ... kiwi ...
... possum ... / ... tui ...
... kookaburra ... / ... koala ...
Make sure you get these two the right way round!
(Somewhat similarly, in human terms: the Aborigines are the original inhabitants of Australia, not to be confused with the Maoris in New Zealand.)
English, famously, has a whole list of special names for 'groups' (collectives) of certain kinds of bird. But there is one general word for a group of birds, particularly if the birds are actually flying; and we use the same collective term for a group of sheep. What is this word?
A bunch
A herd
A flock
A troop
Yes, perhaps rather surprisingly: we can have a flock of birds, and a flock of sheep. (See if you can find both, in a picture of the British countryside!)
Each of the creatures listed below lives in the sea ~ and judging by its shape and its behaviour, many of us would think of them all as being 'fish'. In fact, only one of them is a fish: which one?
The whale
The shark
The dolphin
The porpoise
Only the shark is a true fish: the others are all mammals.
Pick the answer which best completes the gap/s in clear, accurate English.
You will not have any problem recognising the giraffes, because they have such ... ...
... big feet.
... long necks.
... tough horns.
... long teeth.
The giraffe has a very long neck.
If you see a pair of them together, the 'long necks' of the two letter-f's in their name seem somehow appropriate!
Pick the answer which best completes the gap/s in clear, accurate English.
Nobody knows exactly how many species of living things there are on our planet: estimates suggest, somewhere between 5 and 30 million. But apparently, almost exactly half of the ones that we do know are ... ...
... plants.
... insects.
... birds.
... fish.
There are 300,000 types of beetles - just one of the many kinds of insect
'I am the national animal of China. I am a type of bear, with a white coat and black patches over my eyes, ears, shoulders and legs. I am very 'choosy' about the bamboo that I eat, and about when (or whether) I have any children.
What am I?'
A bear
A polar bear
A panda
A lemur
The (giant) panda is one of the most famous rare animals in the world.
Author:  Ian Miles

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