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Britain: Social Change 1960-1979 - Changing Social Attitudes
The contraceptive pill became available for prescription in 1961 - but only to women who were married.

Britain: Social Change 1960-1979 - Changing Social Attitudes

In GCSE History students will learn about social changes in Britain in the 1960s and 1970s. One topic they will look at is the change in social attitudes which took place at the time.

During the 1960s and 1970s social attitudes changed enormously in Britain. Because of this more liberal atmosphere reforms in the areas of marriage, sexuality, gender and race relations, censorship and lifestyle, could take place.

Find out more about this change in social attitudes in 1960s and 1970s Britain in this interactive quiz.

Sexual relations between consenting adult males were legalised during this period. In which year?
This measure put men and women on an equal basis in this regard. Previously lesbian sexual activity alone had been legal
Abortion in Britain was legalised via a bill introduced into the House of Commons by David Steel MP in 1967. How many weeks after conception did this measure permit termination of a pregnancy, subject to certain criteria?
Attempts have been made subsequently to reduce this period
In 1968 official censorship of stage plays came to an end. Which official had carried out such censorship?
The Lord Chancellor
The Lord Chief Justice
The Lord Chamberlain
The Lord High Almoner
The official's office had to read all plays performed on the stage, and to suggest cuts and amendments if appropriate
In 1969 divorce was made easier. Which of the following was a new condition for divorce to be granted?
A separation for at least 7 years
Adultery by either party
Physical violence by either party
Mental cruelty by either party
Unsurprisingly divorce rates rose after the passage of this legislation
In 1972 Dr. Alex Comfort's book on sex was first published. What was its title?
The Technique of Sex
Good Sex
Better Sex
The Joy of Sex
Comfort's book suited the mood of the time. He discussed sexual technique frankly and with many drawings and other illustrations
This period saw a greater use and tolerance of soft drugs. Which soft drug was known variously as pot, weed, dope and grass?
It was widely argued that soft drugs represented little or no threat, but that hard drugs were harmful
In 1968 a group of determined women went on strike to compel their factory employer to give them equal pay. Where did this event take place?
Longbridge, Birmingham.
Luton, Bedfordshire
Dagenham, Essex
Ryton, Coventry
This was an early example of women organising collectively in favour of gender equality
What name is given to the kind of spoken English, used only by a small minority of British people but - until recently - dominant on radio and television?
Received pronunciation
Standard Southern English
Upper Class English
Until the 1960s the broadcast media were the preserve of speakers, whose regional origins were impossible to decipher
A film called the "War Game" was released in 1965, which depicted the aftermath of a nuclear attack on Britain, including the shooting of civilians by the forces of law and order. What form of censorship did it suffer?
The BBC refused to broadcast it
The British Film Institute refused to license it
The government prevented its showing on the grounds of national interest
The makers of the film voluntarily withdrew it from circulation
The film did include disturbing scenes of the breakdown of law and order in the event of a nuclear attack, including drastic action by the security services
The Health Minister Enoch Powell licensed the contraceptive pill for prescription in 1961. What condition was imposed on women who wished to take advantage of it?
They had to be over 21
They had to be married
They had to pay the cost of the drug
They had to submit to a medical examination
The introduction of the Pill gave women control over their own bodies in a way that no previous method of contraception could do
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Author:  Edward Towne

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