World War One: 1914-18 - Alps, Balkans And Campaigns Against The Ottoman Empire
Bulgaria joined the war on the side of the Central Powers, in 1915.

World War One: 1914-18 - Alps, Balkans And Campaigns Against The Ottoman Empire

When studying GCSE History, students will be taught about World War One and one part of this topic is the events which occurred during the war itself. This is the seventh of eight quizzes on that subject, focussing in particular on the actions which took place in the Alps and the Balkans, and also the campaigns against the Ottoman Empire.

In 1914 the Ottoman Empire joined the Central Powers, while in the following year Italy joined the Western Allies. These developments added at least two more fronts - the Alps and the Balkans - to the existing Western and Eastern Fronts.

Find out more about the actions which took place in the Alps, the Balkans and the Ottoman Empire, in this quiz.

Which Turkish general made his name at Gallipoli in 1915, and later became Turkey's modernising ruler?
Mustafa Kemal
A new generation of "Young Turks" blamed the defeat in the Great War on an older generation of rulers, including the Sultans in power. Young army officers were determined to seize the military and political initiative before Turkey was humiliated yet again
In the autumn of 1918 a decisive battle took place between Italy and Austria, in which the Austrians had to concede defeat. Soon after this Austria-Hungary sued for peace, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire was no more. Where did this final "crunch" battle take place?
Vittorio Veneto
Forces had to be re-deployed from the Western Front in order to bolster the Italian effort in the Alps. However, by 1918 cracks were beginning to show in the cohesion of the Austrian Empire, as minority ethnic group after minority ethnic group aspired to independence
In 1915 British and Imperial forces landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula in an attempt to eliminate Turkey from the war. What name was given to the strait separating European Turkey from Asiatic Turkey, over which they hoped to seize control?
The Sea of Marmora
The Bosphorus
The Golden Horn
The Dardanelles
This crucial strait controlled access from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea. If Turkey could be defeated, then Russia could be re-supplied through the Straits
Which Balkan state joined the Western Allies in August 1916?
The Balkans was a swirling mix of rivalries - especially as the Ottoman foothold seemed about to disappear. There were Slavs (Bulgars, Serbs and Macedonians), Latins (Romanians) and others, like Greeks and Albanians. There were also strong religious differences: Muslims in Bosnia and Albania, Orthodox Christians in Romania and elsewhere
Where was the treaty signed which brought Italy into the war on the side of Britain and France?
Italy had originally been a member of the Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy) from 1882. However, Italian designs on Austrian territory began to loom larger, and Italian leaders believed that the Central Powers could be defeated by a Quadruple Entente involving Britain, France, Russia and Italy
Greece finally embraced the Allied cause in 1917, but British and French troops had been present in Northern Greece since the previous year. Around which town had they been concentrated?
Greek politics was complicated, and the King was prone to intervene. Much of the Greek elite was sympathetic to the Central Powers, but support for the Entente was growing
Bulgaria decided to join the Central Powers after she was promised by Germany the territory along the Aegean coast that the great powers had denied her during the Nineteenth Century. In which Great War year did this event take place?
Bulgaria had originally been part of the Turkish Empire. However, while the Powers were sympathetic to Bulgarian aspirations, they would not countenance any Bulgarian presence on the Aegean coastline - they feared that a Russian naval presence would follow not far behind
A series of no less than 11 battles raged along a river, that rose in the Alps, between 1915 and 1917. After which river were these battles named?
The Adige
The Piave
The Po
The Isonzo
The fighting on the Alpine front was always bitter. Troops were expected to operate at high altitudes, and Austrian forces often had the better of their Italian adversaries
Which British general seized Jerusalem from Turkish control in 1917, encouraging Jews from all over the world to consider settling in the Holy Land?
The British were keen to approach the core of the Ottoman Empire in a three-pronged attack. The left flank was the regular British army invading from Egypt, the central thrust was Lawrence of Arabia's irregular Arab force, and the right flank was covered by British and Indian troops, advancing up the valleys of the Tigris and the Euphrates
Fighting also took place in Mesopotamia (present day Iraq), where British forces suffered a major defeat at the hands of the Turks. Where did this defeat take place in 1915-16?
The Turks assembled a formidable force, determined to deny British and Imperial forces access to the "fertile Crescent"
Author:  Edward Towne

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