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World War One Aftermath: League Of Nations - 1930s - The Manchuria Crisis Of 1931-1932
The Japanese silk industry was hit hard by the Great Depression.

World War One Aftermath: League Of Nations - 1930s - The Manchuria Crisis Of 1931-1932

In GCSE History students will look at World War One and its aftermath, including the subsequent League of Nations. This is the third of four quizzes on that topic and it looks in particular at how the League of Nations dealt with the Manchuria Crisis.

The Japanese attack on Manchuria was the first major crisis to challenge the League of Nations, when one substantial power attacked another. China, as a League member, appealed to the League HQ for assistance.

Learn how the League of Nations dealt with the Manchuria Crisis in this quiz.

Which British diplomat was sent by the League to Manchuria to investigate and report back?
Lord Lytton
Lord Curzon
Harold Nicolson
Lord Halifax
Sending an investigator had the advantage of playing for time. No League member was keen on action, especially in difficult economic circumstances
What name was given to the League of Nations' principle whereby an attack on one member was regarded as an attack on all? Thus, all member states should feel safe in the event of outside aggression.
Common safety
Collective security
Joint defence
Protective shield
Many quite minor states joined the League, maintaining that this principle, accepted by all members, was what attracted them about membership
What measures did the League take against Japan following the submission of a report on what had happened in Manchuria?
No action at all
Military sanctions
Economic sanctions
The cutting off of cultural and educational links
The League had a range of actions which it could take but chose none of them
The Japanese even changed the name of Manchuria, pretending that it was now a fully independent state. What was the new name?
The Manchu Republic
Republic of North China
Democratic Republic of North China
The new state never obtained wide international recognition, being regarded as a Japanese colony won by brutal conquest
Which political group officially formed the government in the rest of China at this time?
The Communist Party
The Kuomintang/The Nationalist Party
The Republican Party
The Liberal Party
From the early 1920s China was in the throes of a civil war, complicated from 1931 by the Japanese attack on Manchuria
What name is given to the severe economic downturn, which began in 1929 and continued well into the 1930s?
The Great Recession
The Great Depression
The Great Economic Crisis
The Great Economic Disaster
Beginning in the USA, these problems soon affected all industrial nations to a greater or lesser extent
Which Japanese textile industry was hit particularly badly by the recession?
Japan's economy was heavily dependent on exports. Manchuria offered new sources of raw materials and fresh markets for manufactured goods
Which great power never joined the League?
The Soviet Union
The United States of America
The original idea had been that all major states would join. However, democratic countries needed to refer the issue to their elected parliaments, and not all such assemblies were that keen on the pledges needed for League membership
What was Japan's status in the League of Nations at this time (1931)?
A member, but not of the Council
Not a member at all
Both a member and a member of the Council
A member of the Council, but not an ordinary member
The peacemakers in 1919 were keen that all major states should belong to the League
Once they had overrun Manchuria, the Japanese installed a member of the Manchu dynasty to rule the territory as a puppet. What was his name?
Sun Yat Sen
Chiang Kai Shek
Pu Yi
Zhou En Lai
The Manchu dynasty, which itself came from Manchuria, had ruled China for centuries. A republic had been set up in 1911, but the Japanese managed to locate a surviving male member of the family
Author:  Edward Towne

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