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Algebra 02 (F)

Welcome to the GCSE Algebra Expanding Expressions and Equations quiz! In this video short, we'll delve into the practical application of algebraic concepts through a fascinating scenario: bricklaying rates.

Algebra plays a significant role in bricklaying rates by providing a systematic way to analyze and solve problems related to the quantity of bricks laid over time and the associated costs. For instance, suppose we need to calculate how many bricks can be laid in a certain period, given a specific number of bricklayers working at varying rates.

This GCSE Maths quiz will test more of your Algebra skills. You will need to know the Laws of Indices to help simplify expressions.

Sometimes you are asked to EXPAND an expression – part of the expression will be in brackets, and it is multiplied by something just outside the bracket. You need to remember to multiply EACH term that is inside the bracket.

This quiz also includes EQUATIONS. An equation is formed when an expression is given a value: that is, the expression equals something. Solving an equation involves finding out what value the letter has. When solving equations try to think of it as old-fashioned weigh scales – it needs to stay balanced, so you must do the same thing to both sides. Write down each step, using a new line for each stage of working.

Algebra can be used in problem-solving questions, often those involving shapes. Make sure you know the properties of common shapes such as rectangles, squares and triangles. It is always a good idea to sketch out the situation if a picture is not already drawn for you.

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Author:  Sally Thompson

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