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Create an Online Presence for your Tutoring Business

Having an online presence is vital for all businesses in this technological age. Education Quizzes can help you do that and we can also help get you onto the first page of an internet search. This article explains how.

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As a tutor, getting the name of your business out there can be difficult. One good way to do that is to have your own website. Potential clients want to check out any business before they commit to using it, and they might also search for tutors online. But creating your website is tricky and getting it seen is even trickier amongst all the competition. We can do all the hard work for you by creating pages which do well in search engine rankings.

What will my pages look like?

Over the years during which Education Quizzes has become a very busy and very trusted website, we have established that people viewing the internet have very little patience! It is essential that they find useful, key information as quickly as possible. Any confusion results in a hasty exit from the page and therefore we aim to make the layout as clear and concise as possible.

Our in-house style uses relatively large font combined with some light blue and yellow background areas to make the pages more attractive and friendly.

What will be on my pages?

We believe the most important item of content is your contact details. The last thing we want is for a prospective customer to fail to get in touch because it is difficult to do so. For that reason, we will place your contact details at the top of the page so they are the first thing that registers with the page visitor.

After your contact details, we show information specific to the subjects being taught. This demonstrates to visitors that we are "on their side" and provides them with useful information irrespective of whether or not they ultimately decide to use the service. The days of the "Hard sell" on the Internet are long gone and a sure-fire way to turn people away!

The rest of the page is devoted to telling the visitor about you, your qualifications and experience.

How will people get to see my pages?

On the Internet there are basically two ways to get people to click on a link that takes them to your pages, these are paid advertising and free listing in search results – we much prefer the latter! Here at Education Quizzes we never buy advertising but instead put all our efforts into getting high rankings on Google and Bing. Here is a quick explanation of the two different approaches.

Pay Per Click Advertising

It is possible to "buy" space on a Google listing page by paying Google every time someone clicks on your advertisement. The problem is that in the tutoring world you can expect to pay between 70p and £1.00 for every click and as soon as you stop paying Google, the advertisement is lost forever.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the science that convinces Google and other search engines to rank you highly in their "organic listings" and thereby give you significant exposure without having to pay anything. Once you are established in the organic listings you have the means to constantly attract new customers without ever having to pay a penny and that's what we are aiming for. The sections that follow show you how we can do this by using correct SEO.

Pay Per Click is expensive - SEO is free!

What is Domain Authority?

Each entire website is given a ranking by Google – this is often referred to as the website's "Domain Authority". A new website starts with a domain authority of 0 and builds over the course of the years depending largely on how many other websites link to it.

In our own case, we have several thousand links to our site including some very prestigious ones from the likes of the BBC, other media organisations and schools. This has pushed the Education Quizzes domain authority to a current level of 49 and we are hoping to continuously build on this.

The higher the domain authority, the better the chance of individual pages ranking highly in Google. By listing your pages on our site, you benefit from all the work we have put in to increase our own domain authority.

What is Page Content?

It is really important that each page has a clear focus that is not too broadly based. By concentrating on specific keywords it is much easier for the search engine robots to understand what the page is about and rank it accordingly. For instance, it will be difficult to quickly achieve high ranking for "Tutoring" but when this is combined with reference to your geographic area and / or your subject specialities then it becomes much easier to rank well.

For this reason, we will include names of towns close to you within the top section of each page so the search engines understand that the page is highly relevant for someone searching for, say, "Tutor near Torquay".

Our reputation and clarity get our web pages seen!

What is behind the scenes of a website page?

When constructing a page it is possible to greatly influence rankings by giving clear and specific instructions to search engine robots by the use of two different meta tags. Theses metas are "attached" to each web page behind the scenes and are not visible to people who visit the page.

The following example might help to explain:

Meta Titles and Descriptions

If you search on Google for "GCSE Quiz", "GCSE Bidmas", "Bidmas or Bodmas", etc. you will normally find that we are in the top position but sometimes we are pushed into the number two position by the mighty BBC Bitesize! The way that we appear on the listing pages will be similar to the above picture. The purple text is largely decided by our choice of "Meta Title" and the black text is largely decided by our choice of "Meta Description". Carefully choosing Meta Titles and Descriptions is the most significant tool in our armoury to influence where we appear within the Google rankings and therefore the number of people who we attract to our pages.

It is really important that there are no duplicate Meta Titles or Descriptions on the website and that they include relevant search terms – the terms most commonly typed in.

We have become experts at choosing good meta titles and descriptions over the years and you can be sure that the ones we choose for your pages will be the very best.

What are Black Hat and White Hat SEO?

Many unscrupulous web developers use underhand techniques to attract clicks to their websites. For instance, Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions are often misleading and when the visitor clicks on one of these they are taken to a non-relevant page. These techniques are known as "Black hat SEO". In time Google always discover them and then they penalize the websites on which they appear by giving them very low rankings or even completely de-listing them.

We value our reputation too highly to ever indulge in anything Black Hat – our Website Spam Score is the same as the universities of Oxford and Cambridge!

Using the expertise we have learned over the years, along with the excellent reputation of our website, we can create high-performing web pages to promote your business. To find out more please contact Colin who will be happy to talk you through it.

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