What Online Resources are Available for 11 Plus Learning?

There are many useful online resources to help with the 11+. To save you time we’ve put together a list of eleven of the best websites to help you prepare your child for the 11+ exams

Girl studying online With places in grammar schools and our children’s futures at stake, most parents who want their child to go to a selective school worry about preparing for the 11 plus exam. For many this means hiring a private tutor. But 11 plus tuition can be rather costly. So, teaching your child in readiness for the 11-plus is the option most will go for.

Now, before you can successfully prepare your child you need some resources. Where can you get them from? Thankfully, there are many places online which can help. But it’s rarely as easy as that. First you have to find the sites which will be of use. Even then, you need to know that they cover all parts of the 11+. That’s English, maths, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning. That can mean doing a lot of research before you even start to work with your child. It’s a time-consuming affair!

But fear not – to help you find the best ways to help your child, Education Quizzes has done the research for you. Below you will find a selection of the very best online resources to guide your child through the eleven plus exam. We’ve put together a list telling you a little bit about each site and with links which take you directly where you need to go. That will save you a lot of valuable time which would be better spent teaching your child how to tackle each type of question.

List of Valuable Online Eleven Plus Resources

11 Plus Guide is a free to use website which is packed full of useful information for parents. As well as advice on all aspects of the 11+ and getting into selective schools, there is also a forum and downloadable exam papers. A truly valuable resource for all parents.

ElevenPlusExams.co.uk is a site dedicated to getting children through the 11+ exams, preparing them to take it, and advising parents on how to help. It has many useful features, from practice papers and a parents’ forum, to a list of tutors and advice on how to appeal if you think your child was treated unfairly. Some of the resources have a price but many are free.

Bond 11+ is a well-established site. It has a host of useful materials which you can buy. Alternatively you can use the site for a subscription of £6.50 per month. In addition there are some free materials which are sure to be of use.

11Plus.co.uk has lots of features which help parents and students. At no cost parents can download worksheets and sample papers and for a fee of £39 you can have premium membership which gives access to 5,000 questions.

Exam Papers Plus has practice exam papers for the 11+ and for other exams too. These come at a price though. Eleven plus papers cost £20 each. But there is a free to read blog which is packed full of useful information and handy hints.

The 11 Plus Website is a library of information on the 11+ and the transition into secondary school. An excellent resource to help guide you through the process. It also has books for sale and downloads you can buy which will help your child.

11 Plus Swot has tens of thousands of practice questions, an online test centre, tips and tutorials. There are a range of subscriptions available, from free trial, through standard, premium and platinum, to suit your pocket.

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Key Stages Online specialises in primary education, including the 11+. They have courses and mock exams for a price but also plenty of advice and useful resources you do not have to pay for.

11 Plus DIY provides mock exams, online or in person, plus practice papers you can download – some at no cost. They also have several video tutorials which you can view on You Tube.

11 Plus Leap is run by a private tutor. It has some very useful features like practice papers and mock exams, as well as a blog which offers tips and advice. There are also some parts of the site which are free to use, including some past exam papers.

Eleven Plus Advice does exactly what is says on the tin – offers advice on the eleven plus exams and gaining places in grammar schools. It also has links to some useful resources online.

Education Quizzes has a plethora of eleven plus quizzes, each one dedicated to the specific types of question to be found in the 11+ exam. In addition to the thousands of questions, there are also a myriad of exam illustrations which guide you child through tactics and ways to tackle certain styles of question in all aspects of the exam. The exam illustrations are free and you can play 15 questions per day as well. To gain access to all the questions, on the 11+ or on all the other curriculums (from KS1 to GCSE) a subscription costs £9.99 a month or £49.99 a year.

So there you have it. A useful list of some of the best online resources to help prepare your child for the eleven plus exam. We have many other handy and useful articles on all aspects of education, from the different types of school to the cost of university, all available for free at your fingertips. Just follow this link to the Education Quizzes Knowledge Bank. You’ll be surprised at what you can discover.

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