Safety Rules and Hygiene
Follow the rules on electrical safety. Have fun - but stay safe.

Safety Rules and Hygiene

This quiz addresses part of the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Design and Technology for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically it looks at safety rules and hygiene. It is one of 10 quizzes to help you with designing and making useful things, and finding out about how things are made.

This quiz looks at some of the rules around safety and staying healthy. Any practical or physical subject can have its hidden dangers, but Design and Technology involves using a lot of tools, electricity and some machines, so there are more things to watch out for. The food and cooking section brings up questions of exercise, hygiene and healthy eating.

Bilal is helping his mum to cook. His mum gives Bilal an apron. Why should Bilal wear an apron?
Because aprons look good
To keep his clothes clean and the kitchen hygienic
So he will look like a chef
So he can clean his dirty hands on it
Bilal must wash his hands before he starts cooking
If something goes wrong or doesn’t look right, what should you do?
Tell a grown-up you trust straight away
Only tell your friends
Tell no one
Keep it to yourself
Always tell a grown-up you trust straight away
Freddie’s teacher tells the class about the safety rules outside. Which of these are electrical safety rules?
Never play in or near an electrical sub-station
Never go near electrical poles and pylons
Never fly a kite near wires
All three of these
There’s a lot to remember: enjoy yourself, but stay safe
Freddie’s teacher says: ‘Exercise is good for you.’ Which one of these is NOT exercise?
Which sort of exercise do you like best?
Why are there so many safety rules?
To stop you doing things
So you can enjoy life, and be safe and well
To make life boring
To stop everyone enjoying themselves
Have fun, but keep safe!
Freddie’s teacher says: ‘A varied diet is good for you.’ Which of these is a varied diet?
Cake, biscuit and crisps
Salad, sandwiches and fruit
Chips, burger and extra fries
Fruit, fruit juice and a smoothie
What do you like to eat in a varied diet?
Alice is at school. She has designed a small wooden box. She needs to cut four pieces of wood. Her teacher shows Alice how to use a saw. Alice does not want to cut herself. What should Alice do?
Saw the pieces of wood very carefully
Never saw any pieces of wood
Not make the box
Always get someone else to saw pieces of wood
Sometimes we have to use tools that can be dangerous. Always ask a grown-up, and make sure you are very careful and follow all the safety rules
Freddie’s teacher says, ‘Hygiene is very important.’ What does she mean by hygiene?
Washing every day and cleaning your teeth
Keeping everything clean in the kitchen
Always washing your hands after you have been to the toilet
All three of these
What other ways can you keep things clean and hygienic?
Jack is at school. He is making a box. The teacher tells everyone to put on goggles. What should Jack do?
Put his goggles on the back of his head
Put on his goggles
Swing his goggles round his head
Not put on his goggles
Always follow sensible instructions. Keep to the safety rules
Freddie’s teacher says: ‘Don’t forget the rules on electrical safety.’ Which of these are rules to keep you safe?
Never play with plugs and sockets
Never touch anything electrical with wet hands
Never spill drinks on anything electrical
All three of these
If in doubt, keep away and tell a grown-up
Author:  David Bland

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