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Year 1 - Spelling Review 1
Reading words out loud will help you with your spelling.

Year 1 - Spelling Review 1

This Spelling Review 1 quiz will test KS1 children on a variety of spellings taken from the National Curriculum. These spellings won’t belong to a particular sound group and won’t be in a particular order. This is the best way to test if a child really remembers these spellings.

Ok, so you’ve done all the Year 1 spellings and think you know all the sound patterns in words….well, let’s test you! These spellings will be random words, so good luck. See if you can get 10/10.

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Go to the ____ and ____ me a spoon please.
kitchen and fetch
citchen and fetch
kitckhen and fetch
kitchen and vetch
Both these words have the 'tch' sound.
I would ____ to ____ the world.
lik and sayle
lik and sail
like and sail
like and sale
There are two words that sound the same: sale and sail. Sail is to do with boats and sale means items are now cheaper.
It was a ____ to win the ____ game.
shok and chess
shoc and chess
shock and chess
shock and ches
It's said that chess is an easy game to learn but a hard game to master.
I will ____ this puppy as much ____ as it needs!
gife and love
give and luv
give and love
giv and lov
Both these words end with a 'v' and if a word ends with that sound, it is almost always followed by a silent 'e'.
I'm afraid it will ____ on ____.
rayn and Thursday
rain and Thersday
rane and Thursday
rain and Thursday
If you write a day of the week or a month name, you should always start that word with a capital letter.
____ for all those ____ of chocolates!
Thank's and boxes
Thanks and box's
Thanks and boxs
Thanks and boxes
An apostrophe should only be used to show a letter is missing or if someone owns something - a box can't own anything!
I ____ I just ____ the bus!
think and mised
thik and missed
fink and missed
think and missed
Although the word 'think' has a 'n' in it, you don't necessarily hear it when you say the word.
Don't ____ _____ that ____!
fall, off and cliff
fal, off and cliff
fall, of and cliff
fall, off and clith
'Off' has a 'f' sound at the end of it whereas 'of' is said like this: 'ov'.
I ____ the bee to stop ____ near my ear.
arsked and buzzing
asked and buzzing
akked and buzzing
asked and buzing
The word asked is a high frequency word, this means you'll use it a lot in your writing, so it's worth remembering how to spell it!
What is the ____ of tennis if you don't ____ it?
point and enjoy
point and injoy
poynt and enjoy
poynt and injoy
It's a fair comment - you should only play a sport if you enjoy it as that is the whole point! Also, you should be prepared to lose as it happens to everyone.
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Spelling

Author:  Finola Waller

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