Year 1 - The Sound sh

Year 1 - The Sound sh

This 'Sound sh' spelling quiz adds to the spellings KS1 children are recommended to learn. The spellings with this digraph are an addition to the suggestions in the National Curriculum.

When you put the letters ‘s’ and ‘h’ together, it makes the sound ‘sh’. This quiz will test you on ‘sh’ words that you will use in your creative writing. Can you spell the missing words?

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____ put her red ____ on.
She and shoos
She and shose
Shee and shoes
She and shoes
The most famous red shoes were worn by Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. When she clicked them together she returned home.
He took this ____ home and put it on his ____.
shel and shelf
shell and shelph
shell and shelf
shell and sheff
There are over 50,000 different types of shells.
With a ____, the fairy made her ____ come true.
flash and rish
flash and wish
phlash and wish
flash and wrish
Fairy godmothers appear in Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.
Please ____ that ____.
wash and dish
wassh and dish
wash and dishe
washe and dish
Some people don't have to wash the dishes, they have a machine called a dishwasher that does it for them.
He is going to ____ that ____.
shampoo and sheep
shampo and sheep
shanpoo and sheep
shampoo and shep
Egyptians thought sheep were sacred and some have even been mummified.
If you stand at the end of the ____ you will see lots of ____.
shep and fish
ship and fish
ship and fesh
ship and fiss
The 'sh' sound can go at the beginning or end of a word.
With a ____ and a ____ the boat sank.
crash and splassh
cwash and splash
crash and spash
crash and splash
How you can tell the difference between a boat and a ship is by the size. A boat tends to be smaller than a ship.
I need to buy a new paint____ but I don't have enough ____.
brash and cash
brush and caish
brush and cash
bwush and cash
You can get different types of paintbrushes, they can vary in how strong the bristles are and size.
That ____ has ____ teeth.
sharc and sharp
shark and sharp
sharck and sharp
shark and sharpe
Sharks have the strongest jaws on the planet.
This toy ____ will ____ at 5pm.
shopp and shut
shop and shut
shope and shut
shop and schut
Hamleys in London is the oldest toy shop in the world. It opened in 1760 and is still very popular today.
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Author:  Finola Waller

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