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Year 2 - Letters ier and iest
The more words you know, the better your stories and writing will be.

Year 2 - Letters ier and iest

This 'Letters ier and iest' spelling quiz for KS1 children is an addition to the spellings learnt in the National Curriculum. Children should learn that for letters ending in ‘y’, the 'y' is changed to an ‘i’ when adding ‘er’ or ‘est’. These two groups of three letters are made up of different sounds and so should be recognised as letter patterns.

Hopefully, you know when to add ‘er’ or ‘est’ to a word. This quiz is going to test you on spellings that have had these suffixes (er/est) added to them. Take your time before you choose your answer.

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She is the ____ in Austria but is she ____ than Miss Spain?
prettiest and prettyer
prettyest and prettyer
pretiest and pretier
prettiest and prettier
This picture is of someone who has entered a beauty pageant where each woman represents her country.
It is ____ in Egypt than Italy but it's not the ____ place on Earth.
sunnyer and sunnyest
sunnyier and sunnyiest
sunnier and sunniest
sunier and suniest
Arizona is considered the sunniest place but Egypt is near the equator and very sunny!
It is ____ today but apparently tomorrow will be the ____ day of year.
foggyer and foggiest
foggier and foggiest
foggier and foggyest
fogier and fogiest
Here we are changing the word 'foggy' and getting rid of the 'y' then adding 'er' or 'est'.
It is ____ in Edinburgh than Glasgow but it is not the ____ place in the country right now.
rainier and rainiest
rainnier and rainniest
rainyer and rainiest
rainier and rainyest
The word rain changes to rainy, which can then change to rainier or rainiest.
I am ____ today because I'm less ____ than I was yesterday.
happer and sleepier
happier and sleeppier
hapier and sleepier
happier and sleepier
If you are sleep deprived (lacking sleep) you are more likely to be moody.
You are ____ and ____ today.
moodier and gloomier
moodier and gloommier
mooddier and gloomier
moddier and gloommier
These are both words that describe character or personality.
He is the ____ but you are the ____
crazziest and messiest
craziest and messiest
craziest and mesiest
craziest and messyest
Both crazy and messy end with a 'y' and that's why they both need to be changed to 'iest'.
Today is the ____ day so far!
When adding 'est' you need to change the 'y' to an 'i' then add the 'est'.
Your feet are much ____ than mine; in fact they are the ____ feet in the world!
smelier and smeliest
smelier and smelliest
smellier and smelliest
smellier and smeliest
Don't forget to write the word (smell or smelly) then add the 'ier' or 'iest'.
It is ____ than yesterday.
When adding 'er' onto a word that ends in 'y' - we change the 'y' for an 'i' and then add 'er'.
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Spelling

Author:  Finola Waller

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