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Year 2 - The Silent Spelling Review
These words all have silent letters when spoken. How many do you know?

Year 2 - The Silent Spelling Review

The Silent Spelling Review will quiz KS1 children on a mixture of spellings that have silent/unspoken letters. All words have been taken from the sound lessons suggested in the National Curriculum.

If you’ve completed all our quizzes then you’ll know that often, words have letters in them that you don’t hear - they are silent. This quiz is going to test you on spellings that have silent letters in them. Do your best.

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Will you ____ the ____ and tell her what to put in her cauldron next.
answr and whitch
answer and whitch
answer and witch
anser and witch
Even witches need to learn how to spell!
She ____ how to ____ trees and then swing from them.
new and clime
knew and clime
knew and climb
knew and climbe
The word climb has a silent 'b' at the end of it - there are a few words like this that you'll need to remember.
____ is ____?
Wen and Cristmass
When and Cristmas
Wen and Christmas
When and Christmas
Christmas must always be written with a capital letter.
Do you ____ a good ____?
know and plumber
now and plumber
know and pllumber
know and plumder
If you forget to put a 'k' in front of 'now' the 'ow' sound completely changes.
In ____ ____ will you be finished?
whitch and our
which and oure
wich and our
which and hour
The word 'hour' is pronounced without the 'h' sound.
I would like to ____ the ____ because I find them scary.
dodge and ghoast
doge and goast
doge and ghoste
dodge and ghost
In dodge, you don't sound out the second 'd' and in ghost you don't hear the 'h'.
I hope you enjoy the ____.
The letters 'igh' make up one sound - you definitely don't sound out the 'g'.
This is a picture of one ____ but I wanted to see ____ of them.
lamb and two
lamb and too
lamb and to
lam and two
Lamb ends with a silent 'b' and in the word 'two' you don't pronounce the 'w'.
He used his ____ hand to ____.
right and write
wright and write
white and write
write and rite
There are three words that sound the same here: right (as in position), write (with a pen) and white (the colour).
He ____ down to watch the worms ____.
gneeled and wriggle
kneeled and wriggle
knealed and wriggle
kneeled and riggle
Both first letters of each word are silent.
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - What are silent letters?

Author:  Finola Waller

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