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Practice - Reading - 01

Hello little champs! It's time to transport yourself into the wonderful world of words. This quiz tests your reading skill and understanding of a range of texts, including stories and facts. Are you ready? Don't worry - it's fun and not a test. So, put on your thinking caps and let's begin!
What do you call a book that tells a made-up story?
Fact book
Fiction refers to stories created from the author's imagination, not real events.
What is the book 'My First Pet' about?
How to cook
A holiday trip
Having a first pet
A haunted house
The title suggests the story revolves around having a first pet. Titles usually give a clue about the story.
What is an 'encyclopaedia'?
A comic book
A book of made-up stories
A book full of information on various topics
A picture book
An encyclopaedia is a non-fiction book that provides information about a wide range of topics.
Who is the 'author' of a book?
The person who prints the book
The person who sells the book
The person who reads the book
The person who writes the book
The author of a book is the person who has written the book.
Which of the following is a non-fiction book?
'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson
'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle
'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' by C.S. Lewis
'Space: A Children's Encyclopaedia' by DK
'Space: A Children's Encyclopaedia' is a non-fiction book because it offers real facts and information.
If a book has chapters, does it mean that it's a fiction book?
Yes, always
No, not always
Only storybooks have chapters
Non-fiction books cannot have chapters
Fiction or non-fiction, books often have chapters. They help to organise content.
Which line from 'The Gruffalo' makes you think it's a fictional story?
'A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood'
'He has terrible tusks, and terrible claws'
'And the mouse looked good'
All of them
All these lines are made-up and imaginary, which makes 'The Gruffalo' a fictional story.
Which book is about real things or facts?
'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' by J.K. Rowling
'The Tale of Peter Rabbit' by Beatrix Potter
'The Magic Finger' by Roald Dahl
'Under the Sea' by Anna Milbourne
'Under the Sea' is a non-fiction book that provides real facts about sea life.
What does the word 'illustrated' mean in a book context?
A book with holes
A book with pictures or drawings
A book without words
A book with only text
An 'illustrated' book means the book has pictures or drawings.
If the story of a book happens in a magical kingdom, what type of book is it likely to be?
Manual book
Magical kingdoms are imaginary places created by authors, meaning it’s a work of fiction.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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