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Practice - Speaking and Listening - 05

Hello, young scholars! This fun quiz will test your understanding of speaking and listening. We will ask questions about effective communication and listening effectively during discussions. Let's see how well you can communicate and understand others. Ready? Let's start!
How can you tell someone is not listening to you?
They are looking around the room
They are responding to what you're saying
They are nodding
They are looking at you
If someone is looking around the room, it usually means they're not focused on what you're saying.
Why is it important to listen when someone else is speaking?
Because it's fun
So you can respond appropriately
So you can tell them they're wrong
So you can think about something else
Listening carefully helps us understand what the other person is saying, which allows us to respond appropriately.
Which of these is an important part of listening to someone speak?
Thinking about your response while they're speaking
Looking at the speaker
Interrupting when you have something to say
Singing a song in your head
Looking at the speaker is a sign of respect and indicates that you are focused and listening.
What should you do if you don't understand something someone has said?
Laugh at them
Bark like a dog
Ask them to explain
Ignore them
If you don't understand something, it's a good idea to ask the person to explain. This shows that you're interested in what they're saying.
What is one way that people can communicate without speaking?
By sleeping
By drinking
By using hand gestures
By eating
Hand gestures can help us communicate ideas and information without words. For example, waving can mean 'hello' or 'goodbye'.
What volume should we use while speaking?
As loud as a lion's roar
As quiet as a mouse
Loud enough for the person you're speaking to
As loud as a rock concert
You should talk just loud enough for the person you're speaking to - not too loud, and not too quiet.
When talking to a group, we need to speak...
Very softly
Very quickly
Clearly and loudly enough to be heard
In a sing-song tone
When talking to a group, we need to speak clearly and loudly enough so everyone can hear our message.
How can we show the speaker that we are listening?
By walking away
By nodding our head & maintaining eye contact
By talking over them
By checking our watch frequently
Nodding our head and maintaining eye contact are great ways to show the speaker we are paying attention.
What does it mean to 'take turns' in a conversation?
Each person talks at the same time
Each person talks for one second at a time
One person talks all the time
Everyone gets a chance to talk without being interrupted
Taking turns means each person gets a chance to talk while everyone else listens without interruption.
Which of these is good behaviour in a discussion?
Interrupting others
Ignoring others
Listening to others
Only talking about yourself
Good conversation behaviour is about listening to what others are saying. This shows respect and makes others want to listen to us too.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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