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Practice - Speaking and Listening - 07

Hello young learners! Are you ready for an exciting English quiz? This quiz will test your speaking and listening skills. It's always fun to learn, especially when we get to talk and listen! Grab a pen and some paper, put on your thinking hat and let's get started. Remember, it's not about being perfect, but trying your best and having fun at the same time!
Making good eye contact means...
Staring at the speaker without blinking
Looking at the speaker occasionally
Looking at the speaker's shoes
Looking at the speaker most of the time
Good eye contact involves looking at the speaker most of the time, which shows you're engaged and respectful.
While someone else is talking, you should...
Play with your toys
Have a private conversation
Listen attentively
Daydream about your favourite game
When someone else is speaking, the polite thing to do is listen attentively. This is how we show respect and learn from others.
A good presentation starts with...
Talking off-topic
A strong start
Reading straight from a book
Never smiling
A good presentation always starts with a strong opening to capture the audience's attention.
When giving a presentation, we should speak...
Very fast
In a complicated manner
When giving a presentation, it's important to speak clearly so everyone can understand us.
Sharing your thoughts and ideas can...
Cause a lot of trouble
Improve discussions and presentations
Make you unpopular
Make everyone disagree with you
Sharing your ideas improves discussions and presentations! Your thoughts and viewpoints are important, always remember that.
Posing questions to your audience can...
Make your presentation boring
Engage your audience
Make you look silly
Hurt the feelings of other people
Posing questions is a fantastic way to engage your audience and make your presentation interactive.
Listening carefully means...
Daydreaming while others speak
Interrupting others while they speak
Paying attention to what the speaker is saying
Making lots of noise when someone is speaking
Listening carefully means paying full attention to the speaker, so you can fully understand their message.
If you don't understand what someone says, you should...
Ignore their words
Interrupt them rudely
Ask them kindly to explain
Tell them they are wrong
If you don't understand something, it's always better to ask kindly for clarification instead of ignoring or rudely interrupting the speaker.
What is the most important rule of a group discussion?
Always talk first
Never let others talk
Listen to what others have to say
Always criticise others' ideas
In a group discussion, the most important rule is to listen to others. This respects everyone's opinions and fosters better communication.
Practise makes...
You tired
No difference
You improve
You confused
'Practise makes perfect!' is a common phrase that means the more you practise, the better you get at something!
Author:  Graeme Haw

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