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Practice - Writing - 05

Welcome whizz-kids! Are you ready for an exciting English quiz? We will be diving into the magical world of storytelling, exploring how to shape and create short narratives. This 10-question quiz will test what you've learnt about characters, settings, events, and endings. Remember, the main goal is to learn and have fun! Let's go on this storytelling adventure!
What is the highest number of characters a short story should have?
Only one
No more than three
No more than ten
There's no limit
There is no set rule about the number of characters in a short story. It could be just one character or many.
Which one these is an event in the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'?
Goldilocks goes swimming
The bears make pancakes
Goldilocks eats the bears' porridge
Goldilocks rides a roller coaster
In the story, Goldilocks sneaks into the bears’ house and eats their porridge.
What should a good story always have?
Rhymes and Riddles
An Introduction, Characters, Sequence of Events and Conclusion
At least ten characters
Funny jokes
A good story typically includes an introduction, characters, a sequence of events, and a conclusion.
What is a title of a story?
The first sentence of the story
A brief summary of the story
The writer’s name
The name of the story
The title is the name of a book, or any other story.
What does a character in a story refer to?
The title of the story
The place where the story happens
A person (or animal or thing) that the story is about
The author's name
Characters in a story refer to the people, animals or things the story is about.
What does it mean when the events in a story happen in a sequence?
The events happen in a random order
The events change the setting of the story
The events are not important
The events happen in order, one after the other
When the events in a story occur in a sequence, they happen one after the other in a specific order.
What is the starting point of a story called?
The start of a story is known as the introduction where we first meet the characters and learn about the setting.
What should a setting tell the reader?
The time and place of the story
The character's favourite food
How the story will end
The writer's favourite colour
A setting in a story provides information about the time and place of the story.
What is the correct order for a story?
Introduction - ending - middle
Ending - middle - introduction
Introduction - middle - ending
Middle - introduction - ending
The correct order for a story is introduction first, then the middle, and finally the ending.
Why should a story have a clear ending?
To give the reader a sense of closure
To mention the moral of the story
Both of the above
None of the above
A clear ending gives the reader a sense of closure and often includes the moral or message of the story.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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