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Practice - Writing - 09

Welcome to this fun and engaging English quiz designed just for you, young wordsmiths! Get ready to showcase your wonderful writing abilities, your terrific understanding of sentences, and your sublime spelling skills! This quiz has 10 questions, each having 4 options. Let's see how many you can get right. Grab your thinking caps, it's time for some English Fun!
Choose the correct end punctuation for this sentence: 'What is your name_'
The sentence is a question, so it should end with a question mark (?).
Correct the sentence: 'The cat chased it's tail.'
The cat chased it is tail.
The cat chased its tail.
The cat chased it,s tail.
The cat chased it’s tail.
Its (meaning 'belonging to it) has no apostrophe. It's (meaning 'it is') does have an apostrophe.
Which sentence uses capital letters correctly?
My favourite season is summer.
I live in london, England.
She likes to play Chess.
We visited Big ben.
Option 1, 'My favourite season is summer.', is the correct use of capitalisation. We only capitalise the first word of a sentence and proper nouns.
Which of these is a sentence?
A beautiful morning.
Dogs playing.
I eat ice cream.
Bike red my.
Option c is the correct answer. It has a subject (a person or thing) 'I' and a predicate (information about what the subject is doing) 'eat ice cream', forming a complete thought.
Which word is misspelled in this sentence: 'The elephant has a long trunck.'
'Trunck' is spelled wrong. The correct spelling is 'trunk'.
Which sentence is correct?
My Mum favourite colour is blue.
My Mum's favourite colour is blue.
My Mums favourite colour is blue.
My Mum's, favourite colour is blue.
To indicate possession, we use apostrophe - 's'. So, 'My Mum's favourite colour is blue.' is correct. Answer 4 uses a comma when there is no need to.
What is wrong with this sentence: 'My bag is heavier than me.'
No capitalisation
Missing end punctuation
Incorrect comparison
Nothing is wrong
The correct comparison is 'My bag is heavier than I am.' We wouldn't say 'heavier than me.'
What is wrong with this sentence? 'Sarah is tall than Lily.'
No capitalisation
Word order is wrong
Missing punctuation
Wrong word is used
'Sarah is taller than Lily.' is the correct format. 'Tall than' is incorrect, we use 'taller than' to compare height.
Which sentence is a command?
Does the dog bark?
Find your shoes.
The cake is delicious.
I lost my pencil.
A command sentence gives an order. 'Find your shoes.' is an order or command.
What type of sentence is this: 'I can't believe how high he can jump!'
This sentence shows surprise or strong emotion, making it an exclamation. That's why it has an exclamation mark at the end.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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