Rhyming Words 2
The word 'frizz' rhymes with 'quiz'. Are there any others?

Rhyming Words 2

This is our second quiz on rhyming words. This game encourages children to spot rhyming words and lines. The National Curriculum requires KS1 students to be able to learn rhymes and be able to identify them when reading. There are plenty of rhyming words in the English language and using them can really improve literacy!

A rhyme is when words sound the same. The words ‘how’ and ‘now’ have similar letters in them, which means they rhyme. Sometimes, the letters can be different and the words still rhyme, like ‘flow’ and ‘go’. Are you ready to rhyme?

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Finish this poem: As I walk around...
I don't want to hear a sound.
I want to look at the pictures.
I don't want to hear any music.
I don't want to hear your feet moving.
There are lots of museums in London and when you go to them, it's a general rule to speak quietly - just like you should when in libraries.
Which word does not rhyme with 'hill'?
Your knowledge on phonics will come in handy when rhyming.
Finish this poem: I'm horse riding...
Whilst he goes and plays football.
Whilst he goes swimming.
Whilst he goes dancing.
Whilst he goes gliding.
Hang gliding is the closest humans can get to flying like a bird.
Finish this poem: Put your coat on or you'll freeze...
Now do what I've asked.
Now do what I've asked, please.
Do it now.
I love snow!
Snowstorms with strong winds are called blizzards.
Finish this poem: We will ride on the train...
Then go on a bus.
Then go on a coach.
Then walk.
Then go on a plane.
The fastest train in the world is in China.
Finish this poem: Before you jump, always check...
If you don't, you could hurt yourself!
If you don't, you could injure your back!
If you don't, you could break your neck!
If you don't, you could break your finger!
The words 'check' and 'neck' rhyme. Just so you know, poems don't have to rhyme.
Finish this poem: I have two lovely blue suits...
Now I need to buy some matching shoes.
Now I need to buy some matching socks.
Now I need to buy some matching boots.
Now I need to buy a tie.
When talking about a line in poetry, we say a line not a sentence.
Which word rhymes with the word 'world'?
Earth is the third planet from the sun.
Which word doesn't rhyme with the word 'mouse'?
You can have one woodlouse but it's two woodlice - louse changes to lice.
Which word doesn't rhyme with the word 'clock'?
In poetry, instead of paragraphs, we call them stanzas.
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - What are rhyming words?

Author:  Finola Waller

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