Writing - Guess the Missing Words

There are missing words in these questions - see if you can find them!

Writing - Guess the Missing Words

Writing - Guess the Missing Words follows on from the Guess the Missing Word (singular rather than plural) quiz and aims to help KS1 children edit work and notice mistakes of omission. It helps children to think about what they have written and improves their literacy and English language skills.

It is really important to read through your work. This helps you make sure you make sense and haven’t missed any words. Have a look at these questions and spot the missing words.

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'Julius Caesar was ____ great Roman Emperor and conquered many ____' What are the two missing words?
a ---- baths
a ---- countries
a ---- pizza
the ---- olives
The Romans did conquer many countries including England.
'The Romans lived ____ Rome but part of their job was ____ travel and invade countries.' What are the two missing words?
out ---- two
out ---- three
in ---- to
in ---- out
Their armies were called legions.
'Romans invented straight roads ____ central heating, which is good ____ us in the winter!' Which two words are missing?
and ---- for
and ---- five
he ---- yes
he ---- no
They also invented concrete and aqueducts.
Which sentence isn't missing any words?
Rome capital.
This is the colosseum.
Building started in.
Romulus and were the sons.
If a sentence has missing words it can lose all sense and be difficult to understand.
'A Roman Emperor was ____ that ruled over the ____'. What are the two missing words?
nobody ---- house
nobody ---- school
someone ---- empire
someone ---- rabbits
They weren't called kings and were only men.
'The Ancient Greeks believed that ____ and goddesses ruled over ____'. What are the two missing words?
gods ---- them
girls ---- them
chickens ---- that
goddesses ---- them
The ruler of all the gods, or the king of gods, was Zeus.
'They believed all ____ gods lived in a clouded palace ____ Mount Olympus.' What are the two missing words?
she ---- called
if ---- called
the ---- help
the ---- called
Mount Olympus is a real place - it is a mountain in Greece.
Which answer has TWO missing words?
Zeus had a powerful.
Zeus had a powerful thunderbolt.
Zeus had a called.
Zeus' brother was called Poseidon.
The answer should say 'Zeus had a brother called Poseidon.' Poseidon was god of the seas.
'Zeus had two children, they were called.' How do we know we are missing two words here?
Because it says there should be two names.
Because the sentence doesn't start with a capital letter.
Because every sentence should have at least ten words.
Because the sentences doesn't end with a full stop.
It says there were two children and should go onto say who they were. Zeus actually had more than two children, he had many - too many to list.
Which sentence is missing TWO words?
If you at Medusa you would turn to.
Medusa had hair made of snakes.
Medusa was beheaded.
Medusa was beheaded by.
'If you looked at Medusa you would turn to stone!' Luckily Perseus beheaded her.
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Author:  Finola Waller

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