Landmarks - Finding Your Way
Landmarks, like this slide in a park, make good meeting places.

Landmarks - Finding Your Way

This quiz addresses part of the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2 in Geography. Specifically it looks at using landmarks to find your way around. It is one of 50 quizzes to help you understand the world around you.

Landmarks are useful. They help you find your way around. In a busy shopping centre, your parents may say that they will meet at the fountain in the middle. You tell your friends that you will meet at the slide on the park. On holiday, your Mum might say, ‘Ah, I know where we are now.’ Landmarks are usually buildings. But they can be statues, or hills, or even a bridge. They are somewhere that everyone knows. They are often tall, so you can see them easily. Let’s find out a bit more about using landmarks.

Which one of these is a famous landmark in Paris?
Eiffel Tower
Tower Of London
Paris is the capital city of which country?
In Sam’s town there are two tall churches. One has a tower and one has a spire.

Sam’s Mum says that they are good landmarks. Why are they good landmarks?
Because they are low buildings
Because they are tall and different shapes
Because they are churches
Because they are small buildings
What is the best landmark near where you live?
Two tall churches are in the town centre. Sam is with his Mum. He looks up and sees the two tall churches not far away. Where is Sam?
At home
A long way from the town centre
Near the town centre
At school
Landmarks help you to tell how far away you are
Trafalgar Square is in London. Nelson’s Column is a very tall statue in the middle of Trafalgar Square. Why is Nelson’s Column a good landmark?
Because it is in London
Because it is in Trafalgar Square
Because it is very tall
Because it is a statue
Can you find a picture of Nelson’s Column?
The Malvern Hills can be seen for miles around. Why are the Malvern Hills a good landmark?
Because they are quite low hills
Because they are taller than anything else around
Because they are flat
Because they are hard to see
Is there a hill or a mountain that is a landmark in your local area?
Sam and his friends are playing in the park. Which one of these is the best landmark in the park?
A flower bed
The grass
A tall tree
A seat
Where do you and your friends go to play?
Sam’s Mum says she wants to pop in to a shop. She says she will meet Sam and his Dad at the fountain in the middle of the shopping centre.

Where do Sam and his Dad meet Sam’s Mum?
In the town centre
In a shop
At the car park
By the fountain
Where is your nearest shopping centre?
Which one of these is a landmark in London?
Eiffel Tower
Statue Of Liberty
London Eye
Edinburgh Castle
Easy! - In which city is Edinburgh Castle a landmark?
Which one of these is the best landmark?
Flat field
A wood
Castle on a hill
Row of shops
Have you ever been to a castle?
Which one of these is a good landmark?
A bungalow
A house
A tall flag-pole
A park
A lot of landmarks are quite tall
Author:  David Bland

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