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Sources of Information
A beautiful blue ocean, but what colour are oceans on a map?

Sources of Information

This quiz addresses part of the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2 in Geography. Specifically it looks at sources of information in geography, such as maps, books or the internet. It is one of 50 quizzes to help you understand the world around you.

If you don’t know something, what do you do? You ask questions. You try to find out. If you want to know what shape Australia is, where would you look? There are a few sources of information. You might look at maps, or look in books or atlases, or look at a globe, or look on the internet. How many people live in Japan? Where would you look to find out? Let’s look at different sources of information we can use to answer questions in geography.

Sam says he knows what shape the Earth is. Sam’s Mum says, ‘Show me what you mean.’ What is the best thing Sam can use to show his Mum the shape of the Earth?
A map
An atlas
A sat-nav
A globe
What shape is the Earth?
Sam’s teacher asks him to find out what shape Italy is. Sam looks in a big book of maps. Where does Sam look to find a map of Italy?
In a picture book
In a story book
In a history book
In an atlas
What shape is Italy? - It looks like a very long boot!
Sam wants to know which big river runs through Brazil. Sam looks at an atlas. He finds a map of Brazil. What colour on the map should he look for?
Which big river does run through Brazil?
Sam looks at a map of Brazil. Ronaldo lives in Rio de Janeiro. Rio is a big city on the coast of Brazil, right next to the ocean. What colour is the ocean on the map?
What other big cities are on the coast of Brazil?
Sam is doing a project all about Brazil. Sam’s teacher says there is a good book called ‘My Life In Brazil’. Where does Sam go to find this book?
To the gym
To the library
To a toy shop
To a café
How else can Sam find out about life in Brazil?
Sam wants to find out what people in Brazil eat. He knows a boy in Brazil called Ronaldo. Sam sends Ronaldo an _____.
Sam may well send Ronaldo a present and a card, but he asks Ronaldo about Brazilian food in an email
Sam wants to find out how many churches there are in his town. What can Sam use to find out?
A computer game
A video game
A map
A globe
What is the symbol for a church on a map?
Sam has a map of his town. His Dad asks, ‘Where is the railway station?’ What should Sam look for on the map?
A green square
A black triangle
A red circle
A yellow diamond
Can you find your nearest railway station on a map?
Sam is looking at a map of Canada and the USA. The USA is below Canada. Sam says, ‘The USA is _____ of Canada.
Is Scotland north or south of England?
Sam wants to find out about life in Cameroon. Where could Sam look to find out?
On the internet
In a maths book
In a history book
In a song book
On which continent is the country of Cameroon?
Author:  David Bland

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