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Some pubs are hundreds of years old!


This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 History for children aged 5, 6 and 7 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with how locations may have changed over time.

As KS1 children develop their understanding of history, they may begin to look around their own locations and notice how things have changed over time in their local environment. This could be in a variety of locations - houses, churches or other buildings, or perhaps their school or local park.

Who could help you find books on local history?
A librarian
A doctor
A grocer
A police officer
Most libraries have a section devoted just to local history!
Older houses where you live may have what?
Much smaller windows and doors
Only been built last week
Been made entirely from plastic
Been made from paper
People were shorter in the olden days so doors were smaller. Windows were sometimes taxed and glass was difficult to make so windows were small too!
What might you find out from looking at an old photograph of your town or village?
What people sounded like
How many people lived there
What the weather was like
How things have changed
If you compare an old black and white photograph to a modern image, you may spot all sorts of differences!
What could you look for to help find the age of a house?
A neighbour
A milkman
A traffic warden
A date stone on the building
Older buildings often had a date stone built into them - some modern houses have them too!
Which two kinds of buildings are often the oldest in an area?
Cinemas and libraries
Shops and offices
Pubs and churches
Garages and supermarkets
Some pubs and churches are hundreds of years old and have a lot of history
Any enormous trees near you may what?
Not be much use to a history detective
Fall down tomorrow
Have been planted a very long time ago
Only have been planted yesterday
Some kinds of tree can take 100 years to fully grow!
How could you find out more about the history of your own house?
Ask the police to draw a sketch
Look on the internet or at the library
Picture it in your mind
Write a story about it
There are lots of sources which can help you find out how your house might have looked
What kind of buildings probably wouldn't help you find out about the history of where you live?
Public buildings like schools
Brand new houses
Railway stations
Many old buildings hide a lot of secrets about why and when they were built
Where could you go to find out what names people had in the past?
The supermarket
The post office
The petrol station
A graveyard
The graves may tell you some old names not used anymore today
What else could be useful to a history detective?
Sturdy shoes
A plastic bag
Some sweets
Memorials or monuments
There may be dates and names on a monument or memorial and you could find pictures in local history books
Author:  Angela Smith

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