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Practice - Multiplication and Division - 07

Hello young mathematicians! Are you ready to conquer some multiplication and division problems? This quiz will test your ninja skills in manipulating numbers. There will be real-life situations involving weights, measurements, and even some money! But don't worry, we've included hints and explanations to help you understand. So, roll up your sleeves, put on your thinking cap, and tackle these ten questions. Good luck!
Question 1
You have 12 apples and want to put them into 4 groups. How many apples will be in each group?
4 apples
3 apples
2 apples
1 apple
Divide the total number of apples (12) by the number of groups (4) to get 3 apples per group.
Question 2
If you buy 4 packs of crayons and each pack costs 2 pounds, how much will you pay in total?
4 pounds
6 pounds
8 pounds
10 pounds
Multiply the number of packs (4) by the cost of each pack (2) to get 8 pounds.
Question 3
You divide 24 cupcakes into 4 boxes. How many cupcakes will be in each box?
4 cupcakes
6 cupcakes
8 cupcakes
10 cupcakes
Divide the total number of cupcakes (24) by the number of boxes (4) to get 6 cupcakes per box.
Question 4
If you divide 18 pence equally among 3 friends, how much will each friend get?
4 pence
5 pence
6 pence
7 pence
Divide the total number of pence (18) by the number of friends (3) to get 6 pence each.
Question 5
If you have 5 packets of biscuits and each packet contains 4 biscuits, how many biscuits do you have in total?
15 biscuits
20 biscuits
10 biscuits
25 biscuits
Multiply the number of packets (5) by the number of biscuits in each packet (4) to get 20 biscuits.
Question 6
If a toy car moves 3 metres every second, how far will it move in 7 seconds?
10 metres
15 metres
20 metres
21 metres
Multiply the number of seconds (7) by the distance moved per second (3) to get 21 metres.
Question 7
Lilly has 15 stickers. She divides them into 3 equal groups. How many stickers are in each group?
3 stickers
5 stickers
7 stickers
8 stickers
Divide the total number of stickers (15) by the number of groups (3) to get 5 stickers per group.
Question 8
Tom sees 7 dogs. Each dog has 4 legs. How many dog's legs are there in total?
21 legs
24 legs
28 legs
30 legs
Multiply the number of dogs (7) by the number of legs each dog has (4) to get 28 legs.
Question 9
If you have 20 marbles and you want to divide them equally into 5 boxes, how many marbles will be in each box?
2 marbles
3 marbles
4 marbles
5 marbles
Divide the total number of marbles (20) by the number of boxes (5) to get 4 marbles per box.
Question 10
Rob has 6 bags of sweets. Each bag contains 2 sweets. If he eats all the sweets, how many sweets will he have eaten?
6 sweets
8 sweets
10 sweets
12 sweets
Multiply the number of bags (6) by the number of sweets in each bag (2) to get 12 sweets.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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