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Practice - Time - 10

Hello to all the young maths enthusiasts out there! Are you ready for a fun ride? This quiz will test your understanding of time — how to read clocks, understand AM and PM, and solve questions related to elapsed time. A total of 10 questions are waiting for you. Don't worry, it will be lots of fun and you will also learn as you go. So, are you ready? Let's jump into discovering the magic of TIME!
Question 1
Which of the below would you use to measure time?
A Stopwatch is used to measure time.
Question 2
How many minutes are there in an hour?
30 minutes
60 minutes
50 minutes
100 minutes
There are 60 minutes in an hour.
Question 3
What time is it if the hour hand is on 3 and the minute hand is on 12?
If the hour hand is on 3 and the minute hand is on 12, it is 3 o'clock.
Question 4
Which of the following shows a time in the afternoon?
7 AM
10 AM
1 PM
12 AM
1 PM is in the afternoon. AM stands for Ante Meridiem which means before midday. PM stands for Post Meridiem which means after midday.
Question 5
How many hours are there in one day?
25 hours
10 hours
12 hours
24 hours
There are 24 hours in one day.
Question 6
If the film starts at 3 PM and ends at 4:30 PM, how long is the film?
1 hour 15 minutes
2 hours
1 hour 30 minutes
1 hour 45 minutes
When you subtract the start time from the end time (4:30 PM - 3 PM), you get 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Question 7
Which word means the same as 'noon'?
'Noon' and 'Midday' both refer to 12 o'clock in the daytime, or 12 PM.
Question 8
What time is 15 minutes past 2?
15 minutes past an hour indicates the time is quarter past the hour. Hence, 15 minutes past 2 is 2:15.
Question 9
How many seconds are there in a minute?
30 seconds
45 seconds
60 seconds
100 seconds
There are 60 seconds in a minute.
Question 10
Which hand on the clock shows the minutes?
Hour hand
Minute hand
Second hand
None of the above
The minute hand on a clock indicates the minutes.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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