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Year 1 Time - Practical Problems
Could you eat a chocolate in less than a minute?

Year 1 Time - Practical Problems

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Maths and Numeracy for children aged 5 and 6 in year 1. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with comparing, describing and solving practical problems for time.

In Year one children are given problems on the subject of time in a practical context. An understanding of time, and the ability to solve these problems, begins with an appreciation of how some events can happen more quickly or slowly than others. This will gradually lead on to associating a time scale with an event, and then an understanding of what that looks like on a clock face.

In this quiz your child will be faced with solving practical problems on time.

Question 1
Which of the following creatures can move most quickly?
A snail
A tortoise
A cheetah
A pig
Cheetahs can run very quickly indeed!
Question 2
In a race, who would you expect to be the slowest?
A runner
A small child
A worm
A teacher
Worms don't move very fast at all!
Question 3
The first act was the clowns. The jugglers came on ____ .
Everything which happens after the clowns would happen later
Question 4
Which of these things takes the longest amount of time?
Brushing your teeth
A night's sleep
Eating a sandwich
Putting on your coat
A night's sleep should be several hours!
Question 5
Which of these activities happens most quickly?
Picking up some scissors
Having a haircut
Tidying your room
Eating a meal
Picking up some scissors would only take a second or two
Question 6
Charlie walks to the park. His sister Sarah goes on her bike. Who will get there first?
They will arrive together
Charlie's best friend
Sarah will be faster on her bike
Question 7
Which of the following could be done soonest?
Washing up a cup
Painting a room
Driving to the other end of the country
Bathing and dressing a baby
Washing up a cup doesn't take very long
Question 8
Which of the following could not be done in less than a minute?
Brushing your hair
Flying to Spain
Stroking a cat
Eating a chocolate
Flying to Spain would take several hours!
Question 9
I got to the park before Charlie. I arrived ___ than him.
If you arrive first, you are earlier than everyone else
Question 10
Who would be quickest at fastening buttons?
A rabbit
An adult
A baby
A slug
Adults can usually do things faster than the others!
Author:  Angela Smith

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