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Year 2 Money - Combination of Coins
If an ice-cream costs £1.20 what is the fewest number of coins I would need to buy it?

Year 2 Money - Combination of Coins

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Maths and Numeracy for children aged 6 and 7 in year 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with finding different combinations of coins that equal the same amounts of money.

It is useful to be able to recognise that the equal values of money can be made by different combinations of coins. Depending on the value, this can sometimes be done in one or two different ways and sometimes in many! Children in Year 2 need a strong grasp of the value of coins in order to be able to reach equal amounts with different combinations.

Question 1
How many different ways can you make 5p?
You can make 5p using a 5p piece, or 2p + 2p + 1p, or 2p + 1p + 1p+ 1p or 1p + 1p + 1p + 1p + 1p
Question 2
I pay for a bus ticket using only three coins. How much might the ticket have cost?
This is the only one of the options which can be made using only 3 coins
Question 3
The car park ticket machine does not accept 5p coins, 2p coins or 1p coins. How could I pay exactly for a ticket costing 50p?
5 x 10p
3 x 20p
4 x 50p
2 x £1
5 x 10 = 50
Question 4
20p + 20p + 20p + 20p is the same as...
50p + 10p + 10p + 10p
50p + 20p + 20p
20p + 20p + 20p + 5p + 5p
10p + 10p + 10p + 10p + 10p + 5p + 5p
Both sets of coins make 80p
Question 5
How much is 20p + £1 + 5p + 10p?
Putting the £1 first and then adding all the other coins might help
Question 6
How can you make 80p using only 3 coins?
50p + 20p +10p
20p + 20p + 50p
10p + 5p + 50p
20p + 50p + 5p
80p could also be made using eight 10p coins, or four 20p coins
Question 7
How can I make £1?
5p + 50p + 5p
10p x 8
20p + 20p + 20p + 20p + 20p
50p + 50p + 20p
Five 20p pieces makes 100p, or £1
Question 8
I make 50p by using 20p, 20p and 10p. How else could I make the same amount?
10p, 10p, 10p, 10p, 10p, 10p
5p, 5p, 5p, 5p, 5p, 5p, 5p, 5p, 5p, 5p
50p, 50p
20p, 20p, 20p
10 x 5 = 50
Question 9
Which of the following does not make 90p?
20p + 20p + 20p + 20p + 5p + 5p
50p + 10p + 10p + 10p + 5p + 5p
50p + 20p + 20p
20p + 20p + 20p + 10p + 10p
The last total is only 80p
Question 10
I need 75p to buy a drink. Which coins could I use to make the exact amount?
50p + 50p + 5p
20p + 20p + 10p + 20p + 10p
10p + 20p + 50p
50p + 20p + 5p
There are other ways to make 75p but this way uses the fewest coins
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Counting coins

Author:  Angela Smith

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