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Being left out is a form of bullying.


This KS1 PSHE Bullying quiz helps children understand the difference between bullying and falling out with someone and how to tackle this situation.

Bullying is a very serious problem. Also, calling someone a bully is very serious. This quiz is going to help you understand what bullying is and how to handle it if it happens to you.

What do bullies look like?
They are always tall
They are always boys
They can be any size, height or age
They are normally a year older
Bullies don't always look mean or scary. They can be any height, any age and any size - the only way to spot them is by their mean character!
If you're being bullied, whose fault is it?
The bully's
The teacher's
The school's
It's the bully's fault. They are to blame. They might make excuses up for why they are doing it but really, it's all on them! It'll be a problem they have with themselves that they are projecting onto you.
How does a bullied person feel?
If someone is mean to you, it hurts your feelings. If they do it lots of times then it can make you scared and worried and probably make you dread going to school.
You think you're being bullied. What do you do?
Avoid them
Bully them back
Move schools
Tell your teacher
This is a problem that can't be ignored and so the best way to resolve it is by speaking to a teacher - any teacher in your school. They will then help you and the bully build a better relationship.
Every school (even yours) legally has to have what?
Rules to prevent and stop bullying
Rules to prevent and stop bicycles
Rules to prevent and stop singing
Rules to prevent and stop disco dancing
Every school in England has to have an anti-bullying policy. This means that part of a teacher's job is to make sure you aren't bullied and if you are - they have to help you.
Uh oh! I think I'm a bully. What do I do?
Bring cake into school
Talk to a teacher about this
Carry on bullying
Ask your friends to join in the bullying
If you think you've been mean to a person on more than a couple of occasions, talk to them and apologise. They will be happy to hear from you and forgive you. You can also talk to a teacher who will be very proud of your honesty and help you to put things right.
Bullying takes different forms; which of these is not a form of bullying?
Calling you names
Leaving you out of games
Kicking you
Holding the door open for you
Bullying can be non-physical like name calling, or physical like punching etc.
What is a bully?
Someone that refused to help you with your spellings
Someone that was mean to you today and yesterday
Someone that has been mean to you on more than a couple of occasions
Someone whose name begins with a 'B'
We all fall out but the difference between falling out and bullying is that someone is being mean to you a lot and over a long period of time. This could be more than a couple of days. Even if it is a one off, you can still tell a teacher and they will be able to help you but we wouldn't call it bullying. Bullying is very serious and happens more than a few times.
Which of these is not bullying?
Sam brings a toy into school for Golden Time and every week he lets everyone except Peter play with it
Every Monday, Hannah is third in the line and makes Jane stand at the back
Alan kicks Harry every time he sees him
Lara smiles at Tammy when she answers a question correctly
Bullying comes in many forms but it has to be on more than one occasion. We all have 'off' days, days where we feel sad and maybe snap at someone or accidentally kick somebody - this is not bullying. Bullies do it all the time and to the same person. Make sure - if you think you are being bullied, a bully or know someone that's being bullied - that you tell a teacher.
What do you do if you think your friend is being bullied?
Tell them to kick the bully
Ask them to tell a teacher or tell the teacher for them
Ask them to tell their older brother or sister who will then bully the bully
Find a new friend and stay away from them
If your friend doesn't want to tell a teacher then you should - they will thank you when the whole thing is over.
Author:  Finola Waller

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