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Caring for Others
We care for others by showing kindness and sharing.

Caring for Others

This KS1 PSHE Caring for Others quiz will address this area in the curriculum where children need to expand their awareness and acknowledge other people around them and their feelings.

We are all special; everyone in your school is special - even your head teacher. It’s important we care for others as this is how friendships are formed. This quiz is going to help you recognise how you can care for those around you.

You have been put into groups of four. What should you do?
Tell everyone what they are doing and when
Pick the best two people and make them do all the talking
Let each person have a chance to talk and share ideas
Ignore the quietest member of the group
When in a group, you can show you care about other peoples' opinions by letting them speak.
Why do people care for pets/animals?
Because humans are naturally very caring and many animals can't care or look after themselves
Because we eventually want to eat them
Out of habit
Because we feel like we must
One of the best things about being a person is that we are all born to love and care. People show they care in many ways like holding the door open for you, smiling, feeding you or picking you up when you fall down. It's good to care.
Why should we care for others?
To help build friendships
To make someone happy
Because everyone is special
All of the above
Caring is what makes us human!
You are playing with the lego when Emma arrives and wants to play too. What should you do?
Ignore her and hope she goes away
Let her play
Give her the broken bits
Walk away as you don't want to play with her
Remember - sharing is caring!
What is sympathy?
A musical instrument
Understanding how someone else feels
A video game
A song
Sympathy is very important as it shows others that you feel for them or pity them - you are showing feelings towards them.
A girl in your class has eczema. What should you do?
Laugh at her
Ask the teacher to explain what it is
Don't touch her in case you catch it
Call the police
Eczema is a skin condition that isn't catching and is very common. You could ask your teacher about it but once you know, try to help your friend by telling them if their skin ever bleeds or by just ignoring the situation as they won't want the attention.
In your school, who do you not need to care about?
Your classmates
Your teacher
The dinner lady
The tennis courts
Anyone living needs to be cared for.
Which answer is unfair?
Everyone is asked if they want a sweet
Everyone is allowed to try and throw the ball into the hoop
Every child has a go at the quiz on the computer
Everyone gets a sweet except for two
The clue here is everyone - we have to be fair to everyone, care for everyone and try not to leave anyone out.
How can you show someone you care for them?
Buy them a present every day
Listen to them when they speak
Give them your lunch
Push them over
You don't need to buy expensive gifts or give a person anything to show you care - you can listen, be a good friend or help them.
You've been asked to look after the class hamster. What must you do?
Leave it in the corner of the room until Monday
Play with it
Feed it, give it drink, play with it and clean it
Give it to your cousin to look after
If you have the honour of looking after a class pet then you have to treat it well. All living things need food, drink and love.
Author:  Finola Waller

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