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Emergencies and Safety
Teach your child about safety in this enjoyable quiz.

Emergencies and Safety

This KS1 PSHE quiz will teach children some basic rules of safety and also help them understand what to do in emergencies if they find themselves in those situations.

It is important that we look after ourselves and others as much as possible to keep ourselves safe. There are lots of ways in which we can do this and by following some simple rules we can prevent ourselves from having accidents or from getting lost.

It is also important that we know what to do if an accident does happen and how to get help if we need it.

See how much you know about emergencies and safety by playing this quiz.

If you feel unwell and want some medicine what should you do?
Help yourself to the medicine
Tell an adult you feel unwell
Stay quiet
Call an ambulance
If you feel unwell and think you need some medicine you should tell the adult who is looking after you. They will be able to see if you are okay and give you medicine if you need it. You should never help yourself to medicine, even if you know where it is
If someone knocks on the door what should you do?
Ignore it - they will go away
Answer it
Shout through the letter box
Let an adult answer it
If someone knocks on your door, you should tell the adult in the house and let them open it, just in case it is a stranger
If you are hungry and want your tea what should you do?
Ask an adult to make it for you
Make it yourself
Go to the chip shop
Find the biscuit tin
If you are hungry, tell an adult and they can make your meals. They might let you help with the cooking and this is fine but never start cooking without them as you could hurt yourself
If there is an emergency, what number should you call for help?
If there is an emergency and an adult cannot call for help, you can call 999 and ask for help
Who can help you if there is a fire?
The doctor
The teacher
The Fire Brigade
The dog
If there is a fire you must get out of the area and move to somewhere safe if you can. You can then call the fire brigade using 999
If someone is seriously hurt, who could help?
The dog
Your friend
The dentist
Paramedics and an ambulance
If someone has been seriously hurt and you need to get help, you can ring 999 and ask for an ambulance. They will send paramedics who are like doctors and nurses and can take the person to a hospital
If you need to ring for help, what information should you not give them?
Your shoe size
Your name
Your address
Your telephone number
If there is an emergency and you need to ring 999 for help you can give them your name, address of where you are and your telephone number. This information will help them to get help to you as fast as possible. You do not need to tell them all about you
If your friend tells you they are in danger, what should you do?
Try and help them
Tell an adult
Tell your other friends
Ignore them
If your friend says they are in danger or are hurt, you should tell an adult quickly so they can help them. Do not try and help them yourself in case you end up hurt or in danger too
If a stranger asks you to go somewhere with them, what should you do?
Go with them
Run away and hide
Go to the adult you are with
Ask if they have sweets
If someone you don’t know asks you to go with them, you should go to the adult you are with quickly and tell them. Never go with someone you do not know - even if they say they have something for you, like sweets
If you are out with a grown-up and want to go and look at something, what should you do?
Run there and back quickly
Go and have a look
Sneak off when they are not looking
Ask the grown-up if you can go
Always tell a grown-up where you are going and make sure it is okay with them first. If the grown-up can see you, it will help to keep you safe and help make sure you do not get lost
Author:  Terri Brown

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