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It's great to have friends!


This KS1 PSHE Friends Quiz helps children learn how to make and keep friends. Learning how to make and be a good friend is extremely important and will help broaden their views and enhance their lives.

Friends can make us laugh, teach us things and help us develop as a person. This quiz is going to ask you how to make new friends and discuss how to be a better friend.

You don't want to play with your friend any more. What should you say to them?
Go away
I'm sorry but I would like to try and play with someone new today - you can play too if you like
Sorry but I don't like you - go away
Get out of my space!
Explain to them that you'd like to try and play with someone else but let them join in too and you can expand your friendship circle together.
Uh oh! Your friend wants to play with someone else. What do you do?
Tell this other person to leave your friend alone
Tell your friend they are not allowed to play with anyone but you
Ask to join in or if you don't like the game force them to change it
Ask to join in or if you don't like the game play with someone else
You can have more than one friend and so can your friends! It doesn't mean you aren't still friends, it just means you have other people to play with.
Who has friends?
Only children
Only children and teachers
Only girls
Everyone on the planet has friends as everyone needs to talk, laugh and love!
Which word would you not use to describe a friend?
If we like someone, we use nice words to describe them.
How would you not describe someone that's your friend?
If someone is angry with you, they probably aren't your friend... or maybe they are having a bad day!
What can you do to be a good friend?
Play with them
Help them
All of the above
A friend is nice to their friends.
A new girl has joined your class. What should you do?
Nothing - you have friends already
Ask her if she would like a friend and offer to play with her
Tell her to go back to her old school and old friends
Tell her she is not allowed to play with your friends
It's always scary joining a new school so try and help them settle in and who knows, they could be your next best friend!
How do you know if a friend is no longer a friend?
They are being mean to you or ignoring you
They don't find your jokes funny
They eat broccoli for lunch
They support a different football team
A friend can have different interests to you but we mostly get along with those that enjoy the same things as us.
Oh no! Your friend says they don't like you any more. What do you do?
Demand that they stay your friend
Ask them why, see if you can fix it and then, maybe find a new friend that will appreciate you
Kick them in the shin
Eat their lunch
This is never nice but does sometimes happen. Sometimes a friend might not want to play with you or they change their interests and find they no longer have anything in common with you. If this happens, don't worry and know that there are millions of people in the world and so, millions of potential new friends.
What is a friend?
Someone that you share interests with and play with
Someone that doesn't like you that much
Someone that you forced to be friends with you
Someone that has a younger brother
We pick friends that share interests with us; this could be colouring or playing football. It's our mutual interests that bond us together.
Author:  Finola Waller

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