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Golden Rules in School
Tidy up after yourself is a Golden Rule.

Golden Rules in School

Almost every school and class follows a set of Golden Rules. This KS1 PSHE Golden Rules in School quiz will go through the most common rules and ask children to identify what they mean. Completing this test will ensure the child knows the rules and why they are there.

On the wall, somewhere in your classroom you might have a list of Golden Rules. These are rules that help you learn and help create a safe environment. If you don’t have Golden Rules then they are still good to know. Test your knowledge on these rules.

We look after the property of others but why?
Because it doesn't belong to us and might mean a lot to them
So that we can be better at maths
So that we can be better at English
So that we can be better at PE
This includes school property like rulers and rubbers. Treat these items the way you would hope your favourite toy would be treated - with respect and care.
'Treat others how you would like to be treated' is a Golden Rule but what does it mean?
Buy everyone a treat like chocolate
Go trick or treating on Halloween
Play with others and be kind as that's what you would expect
Be mean to everyone and hope everyone is nice to you
The last point is that if you are mean to others, the chances are they will be mean back. If you're nice, they will be nice back too.
'We are gentle' is a Golden Rule but what does it mean?
Push people around
Be gentle to everyone
Be happy
Be gentle unless someone hits you, then you can hit them back
The last one is very important and try to remember the saying: 'Two wrongs don't make a right.'
'Tidy up after yourself' is a Golden Rule but why?
It's good exercise
Because you are the school cleaner
If nobody tidies up then the whole place will be a mess, which is fun
If nobody tidies up then the whole place will be a mess and toys will lose their parts
Also, if you tidy up as you go - it'll be easier for you.
'Listen to each other' is a Golden Rule but what does it mean?
Listen to everyone - teachers and children
Listen only to the teacher
Do not listen to the teaching assistant
Listen only to your friends
Everyone is worth listening to, not only because it's respectful but because you can learn from everyone.
'We work hard' is a Golden Rule but what does it mean?
Only work hard in PE
Work hard in all your lessons
Work hard at tidying
Spend a few days trying then rest on the other days
The reason you are there is to learn, so always try your best!
Being helpful is a Golden Rule but why?
Because it means you will get a free chocolate bar
Because then you find out all the gossip and know exactly what others are doing
So you can all cheat off of each other
Others will appreciate it and you never know when you might need help back
There's a difference between being helpful and telling your friend an answer. If your friend needs help with work, you can try and explain it but if that doesn't work then they should ask a teacher.
Why do you think we have Golden Rules?
So the teacher has a reason to tell you off
To fill a gap on the display board
To help every child learn and be safe
Because everyone loves rules
Outside of school, adults abide by a set of rules but these 'rules' are called the law. Rules and the law help everyone live in peace and harmony together.
'Always put your hand up' is a Golden Rule but why is it important?
Because the teacher likes you to use your arms
Because then the teacher can see who would like to answer the question
Because shouting out is fun
Because it is good exercise
If you have your hand up, the teacher can see who knows the answer. It's also a good idea not to shout the answer out as sometimes the teacher will want to let other people try.
'Always be honest' is a Golden Rule but what does it mean?
Tell lies all day long
Tell the truth when it suits you
Be on top of something
Tell the truth at all times
Honesty is the best policy!
Author:  Finola Waller

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