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Healthy Snacks
Are cherries a healthy snack?

Healthy Snacks

This KS1 PSHE quiz is all about healthy snacks. Sometimes we can get hungry between our meals and we might choose to have a snack. You might already have a favourite snack.

It is important that we are choosing healthy snacks as part of a balanced diet as this will help us to grow and be active.

Next time you are feeling hungry between meals and want a snack, ask for something you wouldn’t normally have. If you always choose a biscuit, try a piece of fruit instead. It’s good to add variety to your diet and to try out new tastes and flavours.

Before you ask for a snack, play this quiz to see how much you remember about healthy snacks!

Which of the following is NOT a healthy snack?
Carrot sticks
Sweets are not a healthy snack as they are high in sugar and can rot your teeth. They are also not very filling and you may still feel hungry afterwards. A good choice for a healthy snack is a piece of fruit or some vegetables
Should you eat a snack before breakfast?
Yes - if you are hungry
No - breakfast is the first meal of the day
Yes - if no one else is awake
No - you should have a snack with your breakfast
You should always eat breakfast in the morning as this is the first meal of the day and will give you the energy you need to have fun and learn. If you are hungry mid-morning then you could ask for your first snack of the day
Why are healthy snacks good for us?
They keep us quiet
They make us look nice
They give us energy
They make us thirsty
Healthy snacks can give us energy if we are feeling tired and replace the vitamins that we need to stay healthy
If you are eating a healthy snack at school and your friend says they are hungry what should you do?
Share yours
Ignore them
Give them someone else’s
Tell a teacher
Although it is nice to share with your friends, you should always tell a grown up if someone is hungry before giving them food as they may not be allowed to eat the same foods as you
When should we eat healthy snacks?
Between our meals if we are hungry
In the middle of the night
Whenever we want
It is okay to have a healthy snack between your meals as long as it is not too close to the next meal as it might stop you from eating your meal if you are full
Which of the following is NOT a snack?
A piece of fruit
Some chopped-up vegetable sticks
A yoghurt
Hotdog and chips
A snack is something we eat if we feel a little hungry between meals. It should be smaller than a meal, so hotdog and chips is not a snack
Which of the following is a healthy snack?
Chocolate bar
Ice cream
An apple is a great choice for a healthy snack as it is a piece of fruit that contains vitamins needed by the body. An apple is also a good size for a snack as it will not be too filling between meals. Crisps, chocolate and ice cream are not healthy snacks as they contain lots of sugars and fats
What do you do if you want a snack?
Help yourself
Go to the shop
Wait till your next meal
Ask a grown up
If you are feeling hungry and would like a snack, you should tell the grown up who is looking after you. They will be able to decide if it is okay to have a snack and help you choose one
Why should we not choose snacks that are high in sugar?
They might rot our teeth
They are expensive
They taste bad
They are too filling
We should try and avoid eating too many sugary snacks as sugar is not needed by the body and it can rot our teeth. Instead you should choose snacks that are low in artificial sugar
How many snacks should we eat a day?
Up to 2
3 to 5
5 to 7
As many as we want
We do not have to eat snacks every day but it is okay to eat between 1 and 2, usually between breakfast and lunch and then between lunch and evening meal. We should avoid eating snacks too early in the morning or too close to bedtime
Author:  Terri Brown

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