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Do you know how to clean your teeth?


This KS1 PSHE quiz asks questions on hygiene. It is very important to have good hygiene and keep our bodies clean inside and out. This will help to keep us healthy and stop us from spreading germs from one person to another.

Hygiene is a difficult word to learn to spell, but it does follow the ‘i before e except after c rule’. You need to remember that it has a ‘y’ and is spelt with a hard ‘g’ even though it’s pronounced with a soft ‘g’. It is pronounced as hi-jean.

This quiz will teach you how to stay clean and healthy. If you don't keep yourself clean, you will soon begin to smell (and not a pleasant smell). Then you might find people won't want to come near you and you'll have no friends. So, stay clean and see if you can get all ten questions correct.

Good luck!

Where should you put a tissue after you have blown your nose on it?
In the bin
In your pocket
Give it to a friend to use
Drop it on the floor
You should always put dirty tissues in the bin to prevent people catching your cold
How often should we change our socks?
When they get dirty
Every day
Once a week
When we get a new pair
We should take our socks off at the end of the day and put on a clean pair of socks every morning. This will prevent our feet from catching infections and getting smelly from the build-up of sweat
What does the word hygiene mean?
It is an animal in a zoo
It is a way to cook potatoes
It is how we stay clean to prevent illness
It is a feeling
Hygiene is a word given to describe the things we do to keep our bodies clean and stop us from spreading germs. Having good hygiene keeps us healthy and makes us feel good
What should you do after you have used the toilet?
Go out and play
Wash your hands
Get changed
Blow your nose
It is important to wash your hands with soap after you have been to the toilet as this will remove dirt and germs
What do we use to clean our teeth?
A toothbrush and toothpaste
A hairbrush and shampoo
Washing-up liquid
Soap and water
We should clean our teeth with our own toothbrush and a pea-size blob of toothpaste to remove food and sugar, prevent decay and keep our teeth strong and healthy
Where should we put our hands when we cough?
Over our mouth
In our pockets
In the air
On our head
You should cover your mouth with your hands when you cough. This stops the germs from spreading from one person to another. Once you have finished coughing, you should wash your hands a soon as you can
What should you do if you get mud in your hair?
Put a hat on
Leave it
Cut it out
Wash it out
If you get mud or dirt in your hair when playing, you should wash it out the same day. This will help to keep you healthy and wash away any germs that might be in the dirt
Who can check that our teeth are clean and healthy?
A teacher
A doctor
A policeman
A dentist
The dentist will check our teeth for us every 6 months to make sure that they are clean and strong
What should you use to wash your face?
Shampoo and conditioner
Soap and water
You should wash your face every morning and night with soap and water. This will keep it clean and remove any germs. You can also wash it more if you get it dirty in the day
How many times a day should we clean our teeth?
7 times
10 times
We should clean our teeth at least twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed. Sometimes if you have had a very sugary snack, you might want to clean them again
Author:  Terri Brown

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