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Boy in sunglasses licking an ice lolly
Wearing sunglasses is a good idea on a sunny day.


This KS1 PSHE quiz will teach you about the sun and how to protect yourself from it so that you can still enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

It is very important that we know how to look after our bodies at all times. We do this from the inside with a balanced diet and exercise but also from the outside with protective clothing and following health and safety rules. One thing that lots of people enjoy is being outside in the sun but it is important to understand that the sun, although nice, can be damaging to our bodies if we don’t take precautions and protect ourselves from its powerful rays. The sun can be very strong even on days when it doesn’t feel very hot or there is a strong breeze in the air. We should take precautions at all times.

When should you first apply sun lotion?
As soon as you wake up
When your skin starts to feel hot
Once you are in the sun
30 minutes before you go out
It is recommended that sun lotion is applied 30 minutes before you go in the sun so that the body has time to absorb it
How can you protect your skin from the sun?
Put plenty of sun cream on
Keep moving
Cover yourself in water
Only have your back facing the sun
Sun cream that contains SPF will help keep the skin safe from the sun's UV rays
How can you protect your head, face and neck from the sun?
Keep your hood up
Wear a sun hat
Hide behind someone else
Wear a bicycle helmet
Sun hats with wide brims or neck covers are best and offer more coverage from the sun
What should we drink on sunny days?
Slush puppies
It is important to drink extra water when the weather is hot to replace the water lost from sweating
Which vitamin do we get from the sun?
Vitamin A
Vitamin B
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
The sun provides us with a good source of vitamin D
How can you protect your eyes from the sun?
Wear glasses
Keep blinking
Use eyedrops
Wear sunglasses
Wearing sunglasses protects the eyes from the sun's rays. It is best to wear UV protected ones
When is the sun at its strongest?
Between 9 and 3
Between 2 and 6
Between 3 and 7
Between 10 and 4
The sun is at its strongest between the hours of 10am and 4pm
Why do you need to protect yourself from the sun?
It can damage your bones
It can damage your skin
It makes your hair fall out
It makes you cough
The sun is very hot. If you are not protected, it can cause your skin to go red and burn - this can be very painful
Where should you not look on a sunny day?
In the shade
At the floor
At the sun
At a computer
You should not look directly at the sun as it can harm your eyes
How often should you reapply sun lotion?
Every 2 hours
Only if it comes off
Every 20 minutes
Twice a day
It is advised that you reapply sun lotion every two hours, more if you have been swimming
Author:  Terri Brown

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