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Young girl in woolly hat and scarf in snow
Wrap up warm on a wintry day.

Weather and Clothes

This KS1 PSHE quiz will teach you how to dress for the weather and when to wear extras such as scarves, sandals and gloves.

The weather can change from one day to the next. More dramatic changes are made from one season to another. It is important that you understand how to dress for the weather. This is in order to keep your body at the right temperature and also to protect yourself from the different types of weather. If you become too warm or too cold, you may become ill and need to see a doctor. This might also mean you miss out on playing with your friends in the sun or enjoying the sunshine. It is also important that you understand what extra items can be used and when to further protect the body from the weather to help stay dry in the rain or protect against the heat on a sunny day.

When could you wear sandals?
In the snow
In a thunderstorm
When it's raining
When it's sunny
Sandals are a good choice on a sunny day as they stop your feet getting too hot
What does a waterproof coat do?
Stops it from raining
Cools you down
Keeps you dry
Proves that you are right
A waterproof coat stops the rain getting through and helps keep you dry
How can you protect your hands when playing in the snow?
By wearing sun cream
By wearing gloves
By putting them in your pockets
By only using one hand at a time
It is a good idea to wear gloves when playing in the snow to keep them warm and protect them from frostbite
What does a scarf do?
It keeps your neck warm
It keeps your hands warm
It keeps your feet warm
It keeps your knees warm
A scarf can keep your neck nice and warm in the winter, so remember to put yours on
What should you wear over your clothes on a cold day?
A coat
A duvet
A blanket
A towel
It is best to wear a coat over your clothes on a cold day to keep you warm
What can you take with you to protect you from the rain?
A sledge
An umbrella
Walking boots
If it's raining, remember to take your umbrella to protect you from getting too wet
What should you put on bare skin to protect it in the sun?
Shower gel
Baby oil
Sun cream
It is important to protect the skin from the sun by wearing sun cream
Which type of hat is best for a sunny day?
Woolly hat
Bowler hat
Wide-brimmed hat
A wide-brimmed hat will protect your head, face and neck from the sun
What should you wear on your feet on a rainy day?
It is best to wear wellington boots in the rain as they stop your feet getting wet
What type of shoes should we NOT wear outside?
School shoes
Walking boots
Slippers should be worn inside to keep your feet warm
Author:  Terri Brown

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