Energy - Light and Shadows
Can you make shadow puppets like the bird made by this lady?

Energy - Light and Shadows

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with light energy and investigating how shadows are formed.

Have you got a shadow? When does it appear? When does it go away? We all have a shadow sometimes. When studying energy in science at school you will have investigated shadows. When a ray of light energy is blocked, there is a shadow. The shadow is darker, because there is less light. Let’s investigate shadows a bit more.

Look at the picture carefully. What can you see?
Two people beside a wall
The shadows of two people
One real person and one shadow
A mirror on the wall
When do you have a shadow?
The light is being blocked by Gareth. The light cannot go through Gareth. Gareth is ______.
Gareth is casting a shadow
Sarah is asleep in bed. The light is on. Sarah casts a shadow on the pillow. Sarah’s Mum comes in and quietly turns off the light. What happens to Sarah’s shadow?
Sarah’s shadow gets darker
Sarah’s shadow disappears
Sarah’s shadow gets bigger
Sarah’s shadow gets smaller
If there is no light, there are no shadows
Gareth is standing looking at his shadow. Which direction is the Sun?
To the right
To the left
Straight above Gareth’s head
Under Gareth’s feet
Gareth is blocking the sunlight. That’s why he has a shadow
There is a shadow on the field. What is up in the air?
Bale of straw
Hot air balloon
Shadows don’t have to touch the thing that makes them
What do we call lots of rays of light?
A shadow
A wedge
A door
A beam
A torch makes a beam of light
This is a picture under a leaf. The frog is casting a shadow. Where is the frog?
Under the leaf
On top of the leaf
Inside the leaf
Nowhere near the leaf
This is a tree frog in South America
What is this shadow puppet?
A rabbit
A cow
A sheep
A fox
Can you make shadow puppets?
Look at this picture. These are shadows of a family in a park. There is a pram, a man and a child. The shadows are:
Longer than the real things
Shorter than the real things
Brightly coloured
Brighter than the grass
These shadows are very long. But your shadow can be longer or shorter than you really are
What do we call lines of sunlight?
The rays of the sun go in straight lines
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - What is light?

Author:  David Bland

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