Energy - Sound of Musical Instruments
There are lots of different musical instruments but how do they make their different sounds?

Energy - Sound of Musical Instruments

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with sound energy and musical instruments.

Sound is a form of energy and all musical instruments make sounds. Do you like playing musical instruments? At school you will have found out about how different musical instruments make sounds. Sometimes you hit things to make a sound, like a drum. Other things you pluck, like a guitar. Some things you blow to make a sound, like a recorder. This quiz is all about sound energy and making sounds by playing musical instruments.

Roberta is playing the triangle. She hits the triangle with a stick. What is the triangle made from?
Metal makes a sound if you hit it
Carla is playing on a guitar. The guitar has strings. What does Carla do to make a sound with the guitar?
Carla blows across the strings
Carla uses a bow to scrape across the strings
Carla blows into the guitar
Carla plucks the strings with her fingers
Each string makes a different sound
Some musical instruments are enormous. What is this boy playing?
A piano
An accordion
An organ
A tuba
Organs have lots of metal pipes. The pipes are different lengths. They each make a different sound
Beatrice is playing a musical instrument with a bow. What is she playing?
A guitar
A violin
A flute
A clarinet
How does Beatrice make a sound with the bow?
Harry is playing a beat on the drum. What does Harry do to make a sound?
Harry blows across the top of the drum
Harry rests his hands on the drum
Harry hits the drum with his hands
Harry lifts the drum up with his hands
Can you play the drums?
Marie is playing the piano. The piano has keys. What does Marie do to make the piano make a sound?
Marie hits the keys with a stick
Marie presses down on the keys with her fingers
Marie plucks the strings in the piano
Marie presses down on the keys with her feet
The piano has wires. When you press on a key a little hammer hits a wire. That’s what makes the sound
Lauren plays the recorder. Lauren also plays the flute. They both involve blowing. What is the difference?
Lauren blows into the recorder, but blows away from the flute
Lauren blows into the recorder, but blows across the top of the flute
Lauren blows across the top of the recorder, but blows into the flute
Lauren blows away from the recorder, but blows towards the flute
What is your favourite musical instrument?
Ella and Anna are making music with tambourines. They can make a sound by hitting the tambourine with their hand. How else can they make a sound?
By shaking the tambourines
By blowing on the tambourines
By not moving the tambourines
By keeping the tambourines still
When Ella and Anna shake the tambourines, the metal discs hit each other and make a sound
Joe is playing the recorder. What does Joe do to make a sound?
Joe blows into the recorder
Joe hits the recorder
Joe blows across the top of the recorder
Joe taps on the side of the recorder
How do you make different notes with a recorder?
These children are playing musical instruments in class. Their teacher is listening to them. How does the sound get from the musical instruments to the teacher?
Through wires
Through the internet
Through electricity
Through the air
Sound travels through the air. That’s how we hear
Author:  David Bland

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