Forces - Changing Shape
Clay can be moulded into different shapes, like these colourful men!

Forces - Changing Shape

Enjoyable Quiz for Children Aged 5 to 7

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with forces and how they change the shape of materials.

What happens when you apply force to an object? You already know that some materials can change shape but bounce back again - springs, rubber bands and balloons. But other materials stay in their new shape. If you push or pull on dough or modelling clay and change its shape, what happens? It stays in the new shape. You can use force to mould dough and clay. It is good fun. It is also good science.

Mike pulls on a rubber band. It stretches and gets longer. What happens when Mike stops pulling?
The rubber band goes back to its original shape
The rubber band stays longer
The rubber band gets even longer
The rubber band changes colour
Rubber bands are elastic. They can go back to their original shape and size
These puppets are made from modelling clay. This shows that modelling clay can be ______.
What is the best thing you have ever made with modelling clay?
Susan makes pottery. She mixes clay and water. She ______ the clay on a potter’s wheel.
The clay can be shaped. The clay is moulded. The clay stays in its new shape
The picture is of a blacksmith making a horse-shoe. The blacksmith makes the horse-shoe from steel.

It is very difficult to change the shape of the steel. The blacksmith has to heat the steel so it is red hot and then hit it with a hammer. This is because steel is a ____ material.
What shape is a horse-shoe?
This man is making bread. He is working the dough. He pushes and pulls the dough. Every time he does this the dough:
Changes shape
Changes colour
Bounces back to its original shape
Gets heavier
Have you ever made bread? Have you ever worked the dough?
The man is squashing an empty drinks can. The can changes shape. The can:
Will go back to its original shape
Will stay in its new shape
Will rebound like a rubber ball
Will spring back like a rubber band
This change in shape is permanent
Alice is rolling pastry. When Alice has rolled the pastry, the pastry is _______.
Do you like rolling pastry?
Beatrice sits down on a bean bag. The bean bag:
Changes shape
Stays the same shape
Gets much bigger
Gets much smaller
Do you have a bean bag in your house?
Ben pushes down on the play dough. What happens?
The play dough changes shape
The play dough melts
The play dough bounces back to its original shape
Nothing happens
What can you make with modelling clay?
Thin metal can change shape if you push hard enough.

This car has had a bump. Another car bumped into it. The car has a dent. It has changed _____.
It is very hard to repair the dent. It is hard to put it back to the original shape
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Changing shape of materials

Author:  David Bland

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